A question regarding transplants

woohoomanJuly 17, 2012

Can you plant pepper transplants below soil level like you can with tomatoes?

When I had to go to Oklahoma last month I had to leave my guajillos in a not so bright window and I got some "stretching." I have to get these guys in the ground though and the main stems aren't very thick, so...


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Sure, you can bury them deep. They just need a couple of leaves to gather sunlight.

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You can, that's fine. But, they aren't as prone to growing roots out their main stem as tomatoes are.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

It depends.

If the main stem/trunk has already begun to lignify (turn woody),
then the chance of rooting is less likely....and the chance of rotting more likely.

Planting the stem deeper is a technique generally used with young, etoliated seedlings,
while the stem is still tender and the growth dynamic.


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Thanks guys.

Yeah. They're still pretty young. Just a little top-heavy and bending. I just want to straighten out the growth.


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They will grow roots, even from woody growth. Not quite as much as tomatoes, but they will do it. If you grow in a water retentive soil, you'll often see them grow roots above the soil line in an attempt to get air. I've seen it in peat based soils before I started using 5:1:1. But others are correct in that it's best when the stem is still green. Should be no issue.

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woohooman, if you plants are wanting to bend over, just make sure there isn't some other problem causing that. How tall are your plants now?

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Well, now they're only a couple inches high after planting them a couple inches below soil level---LOL. But, they were about 4-5 inches high. It was definitely caused by stretching due to them wanting sunlight while I was away for a couple weeks.

Btw, a little experimenting I can do with my guajillos. I have 2 in my oak barrels that are organic based and 1 in a bucket with the 5-1-1(inorganic). I'll let you guys/girls know how it turns out.


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