nursery licensing questions

epiphany(z5b PA)December 21, 2004

I am planning on applying for a nursery license and wonder what the process is once you have? I assume that they automatically inspect you before issuing any licenses?

What all does this involve? I am only growing 3" pots so just have my first tiny GH. Do you still need to have chemicals locked in cabinets, things like emergency wash center, ect? So far it is only me here. How thorough do they get with very small growers? And is there somewhere to find out what (if any) these requirements might be? I would like to get all my pots in a row so to speak before applying.

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Congratulations on wanting to do it the right way. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. It probably is a little different in every state, as it is the State Department of Agriculture who has the jurisdiction. In our state they ask growers to apply a year in advance of when they wish to sell. However, they do try to accomodate those growers who have not. I was inspected for 2005 several months ago, for example. Our inspectors do not set up appointments, and he/she has the legal right to come pay me a visit any time they wish, and I never really know when or how often this would be.

My inspector is concerned with health of the plants, correct labeling, weed control and pests. They do not look at my set-up for chemicals (another issue, a different inspector) nor compliance with patents (again, another issue, a different inspector).

When you call your Division of plant protection, you will be given all the information you need, and also booklets concerning importation laws, expectations, quarantines and what you need to do to comply.

Just remember they can also be one of your good resources. I have found all the inspectors with whom I have dealt to be accomodating, polite, and helpful with questions I might have concerning what to look for, how to identify, etc. Hopefully you have the same types of experiences.

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I'm in NY, and have a small dayliliy farm from which I sell daylilies in the spring/summer in my "spare" time as I work full time.

I applied for my nursery license in January, recieved it in February. Had a call from an inspector that was sort of local ... he said he would stop by when he had a chance and was it OK if I wasn't home. I said sure ...

We discussed daylily diseases, he ended up saying "you know more about it than I do" ... and that was the last I ever heard from him.

Just renewed my license .....

All the information I needed was on the NYS Agriculture website. Check for your state.

They had told me it was OK to sell daylilies since I had already gotten my certification, even though no one had inspected anything. Oh, I just remembered, some one did come do a walk thru when the beds were still covered in snow ... I was wondering what they saw ...

I figured they would contact me if they saw any problems, and I don't use chemicals so that's not an issue ...

The guy that called me was very friendly ....

It was really easier than I thought it would be ...

Good luck,

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epiphany(z5b PA)

Thank you both for the replies, I appreciate them! I did check the state web site and got the form to send in, and the dollar amount but couldn't find anything that told me specifics of what they required/expected of me or what I needed to comply with.
Pam You have enabled me into going ahead and sending my license in right now.
but, I would love to here from someone in Pa.

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Call the Ag Department and ask to speak to an inspector. I'm quite sure they will either talk to you or send a pamphlet on what you are expected to comply with.

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I got the pamphlets as soon as I called, and was prepared when the inspector arrived. Mine have not been nearly so nonchalant. I also sold iris stock, and did some of my own propagation. The mother stock was religiously inspected in the field, in addition to my regular stock in the lath house. My annuals were also sometimes inspected, even though they didn't need to be. Perhaps it was a polite and indirect way to see if I might have been harbouring additional nursery stock and not showing it. Who knows.

Some nursery stock has different inspection criteria. For instance bramble stock. I need that inspected a year prior to sales, as well as sales year. I have a truck license, as the licenses vary in many respects, and one of them is point of sales. That means if I sell at Farmer's market, they usually pay a visit to market sometimes during the year to see what is on hand there.

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

Epiphany, what part of pa are you in?
I did get my property inspected last summer. I didn't apply for nursery license but I get a pre entry quarantine to import plants from other countries. I was visited by a very knowledable and friendly inspector. I'm sorry I don't know all the regulations for nursery inspection. I wanted to sell on ebay she said that she would have to inspect the property. I could try and find you that number if you like. Thanks.

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epiphany(z5b PA)

Bass I am in the Pittsburgh area, and I too plan on selling on Ebay.

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

Great... what can of plants do you sell? I did some sales already... to be perfectly legal you do need to be licensed to even sell on ebay from what I understand... I have a friend in florida. that got caught selling so they actually forced him to get inspection. but ofcourse each state has a different regulations.. down in FL they need to check the soil and make sure no diseases being transformed.. you also know how strict CA is with the importing of plants.. so you won't be able to sell to that state... so there are some regulations we have to watch from.
and by the way I live in Bethlehem.. which is all the way in the east.

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epiphany(z5b PA)

Bass I plan on selling own root roses. I notice that Ebay has a disclaimer regarding the selling of plants.
I assume that you sell bonsai?

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One of the things they are looking for if you ship is transmission of fire ants, nematodes, and japanese beetles. If you are in an area that has these, and most of the east coast has Japanese beetles and the south has fire ants & nematodes, you HAVE to agree to treat your soil before shipping out of the area
becca, certified in NC

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If you are required to get a spray license before getting a nursery license, find some other way to make a living.

In New Hampshire some years the State can't find a hire for nursery inspector.

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deeproots(8b South Ga)

in extremely rural georgia inspection is a joke.
I actually try to fail.

I had one guy that never got out of his truck... he pulled in the driveway, would flunk me for one thing and say "you need to improve so and so" and would pass me for the inspection. There was one time I was laying some concrete block and had some white dust on my clothes from the morter... when he asked what it was, I told him it was orthene. Didn't phase him.

The newer inspector is a plant lover... we pretty much chew some tobacco and talk about plants, the weather and politics (remarkably he's quite an anarchist, despite working for the government). I make him a cup of coffee, show him some of my rarer ferns, and he who'd have thunk... Nothing wrong with my nursery.

It's actually kinda sickening... I mean, I'm ethical in my growing, but I wonder what the next grower is getting away with.


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Has anyone ever applied a Nursery License in California? How should I prepare for the inspection from L.A. County Argicultural Dept.? I am stocking the indoor house plants named Lucky Bamboo which are imported from Asia and grown in water only. Many thanks for your great advices!

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"There was one time I was laying some concrete block and had some white dust on my clothes from the morter... when he asked what it was, I told him it was orthene. Didn't phase him."

ROTFLMAO! good'un!

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I am interested in selling rare fruit trees here in Arizona. The business plan is to get the trees from a wholesaler in California and sell them on the weekends from the back of my truck. I was wondering if anyone out there has any knowledge on weather or not this is a good business plan given laws and the need for licensing that I my not know about. Also if anyone has any tips they would like to share I am all ears.

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