flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)May 9, 2012

I adopted Kitty on the Adopt A Newbie thread on the Seed Exchange. Her emails were friendly and she mailed her bubbler quickly.

Wishing you many HAPPY BLOOMS! :)


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Just finished a trade with Kitty, and very happy. Looking forward to her plants taking off and adding a bit of sweetness to my summers!

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Kitty completes her trades quickly and communicates effectively.

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crueltyfre(Tampa 9a heat 10 sunset 26)

My trade with Kitty ended up fine, plants arrived in good shape, decent quantity and size. But the trade did not go off as planned and there were some moments that I wondered if I was being scammed.

We agreed on a date to ship, she did not follow it even though she was the one who picked the day. When I emailed her the tracking number on my package, sent on the day we agreed to ship, all I got back was a note saying "thanks" with no mention of her shipping her end or her tracking number. I had to write and ask her if she had shipped and she wrote back and said no. She said she'd ship the next day. She did not. Another day went by with no note saying she had shipped. Then I received a note from her that she had shipped, with a tracking number, but had lost the receipt so she couldn't give it to me.

I've been trading around GW long enough to know that when they don't ship on the agreed upon day and then "lose" tracking numbers it means you've been scammed. You'll never get the plants, they'll claim it was the post office which lost the package, but nothing can be proved as they "lost" the tracking number.

I was really upset, both with her and myself, as I had checked this forum and her reviews were good.

But then her package arrived! And everything was great! And I felt so relieved! And felt like a jerk for assuming the worst.

So I write this to tell anybody else that this ended up being a great trade, a few days late, but still a good trade.

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