Can I get roots to grow on orange trumpet vine?

hummerloverJuly 13, 2006

This is probably a really stupid question . I`m usally over in hummingbird gardens. I`m completely new to this forum and hoping that all or some of you have some time to answer my questions. I`m on areal tight budget and wanted to buy tons of plants for our new house.I saw the orange trumpet vine growing in a another yard , the neighbor let have some cuttings. Will they root in water, or do they need potting soil? I was able to root some houseplants in water.

Thank you


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I have typed this same message so often that I am going to have to keep it consise or I will wear out my keyboard. Do not ever start any cutting in water unless it is a water lily or other pond plant. All cuttings should be rotted in a potting medium. Trumpet vine is so hardy you could root it in dirt from your vacuum cleaner, but potting soil is good for rooting all cuttings. Keep them moist and in the shade until the tops begin to grow. They have then rooted.
At least two leaf nodes (with leaves stripped) should be below the soil surface, and several leaves above.
People root things in water. When they pot them in soil, the water roots are torn off. This is a wasted, unnecessary step. And I have already typed too much.

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May I call you Eldo? Thank You so much for the info. I have had so many people tell me so many different things.
I will do this .Thank you so much for your time.

Thank You

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

eldo1960 try this message Do not ever start any cutting in water unless it is a water lily or other pond plant.

Now did I turn it off?

Looks like I am safe.

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Thank You so much.I will not start any cutttings in water any longer. Does this mean that I can start any type of flower or plant in potting soil? This makes so much more sense .This also saves alot of time.
Thank you

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jbclem(z9b Topanga, Ca)

Just for the record, I had an 8 inch red trumpet vine breakling (taken while walking by a large trumpet vine), put it in a glass of water when I got home (so it wouldn't dry out). I pulled it out 3 days later to dip in rooting hormone and plant, and was amazed to see two very thin white roots already growing near the end (which I had trimmed with my clippers). They were 1/2-1" long, but that's pretty impressive for 3 days in water. I'm not sure if the rooting hormone is good or bad for young roots, I'm going to find out the hard way.

For me, putting cuttings in water is a way to find out if they are viable, and it keeps them hydrated. But it's probably not a good idea to leave them in for a long time.


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I an having a most difficult time rooting a trumpet vine. I would be so willing to purchase one, but I saw a plain orange variety with very large flowers growing on someones fence and want that exact plant. This is the 3rd time I have taken green clippings.

I cut just below the base of a node and remove leaves and the next node up I do the same. There is about 5-6 inches between them, so I need a deep pot to get 2 nodes buried. The are potted in potting soil and covered with a bag. They die in about 2-3 weeks. What am I doing wrong. The post about putting them in water - I tried that and zero roots - just dead in 2 weeks.

thanks in advance, ken

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Crude rule of thumb form old textbooks is that flowering and rooting should be done at different times.

Personally, I would try the trumpet vine first about mid-winter. Not having any experience with the trumpet vine I would try some smooth barked tip cuttings and some rough barked cuttings from growth several months old.

Remember to disinfect the cuttings. Winter cuttings can take several weeks or a few months. Dark, not to warm may discourage shooting before rooting but again here I am speculating.

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I did do something similar. In the late spring just as the wood began to sprout 3 in of green, I took some wood cuttings. They didn't last either. Just don't understand all the folks who did this so easily and for me such a nightmare.

Did anyone else have this trouble?

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Hi ken,
Since you're having such a hard time with cuttings, why not wait until fall and collect a seed pod and plant seeds next Spring? If there aren't any other varieties of trumpet vine in the area, you should be able to get orange flowered plants without any problem. The seeds from my orange trumpet vine do a pretty good job of popping up all over my yard. They grow quickly. Just be mindful of where you plant them because they do like to climb. I have to trim mine back some each year to keep it from growing into my mimosa tree and lilac bushes.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

On another forum someone writes of planting trumpet vine seed now, like late July.

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Kenroginski(New Jersey)

Yes, that is what I may need to do. I will check out the location where they are growing and see if there are seed pods. Is it ok to pick the pod while green or does it need to mature on the plant? How dry must it be or when can I open the pod to get the seeds?

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Hi ken,
It should be easy for you to see any seed pods. They sort of look like little green bananas hanging there. You should let the seed pod mature on the plant. Once the pod is completely brown and the area where the pod attaches to the stem has turned brown, you can remove the pod. At this time you can open it and remove the seeds.

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ok, how i root mine is to get soil in a 1 gal baggie, then i mist it, then poke the holes in there where you are going to put the plants, (make sure the dirt is damp). now you strip your vine til up two leaves. wet it, dip it in rooting horomone. make sure you cut it just below the node (where the leave was). stick the vine in the soil pat the soil lightly around the vine, once you have done all of the vine's. mist the vines. now seal all but say......2-3 inches. blow the bag up with YOUR breath. till its full and make sure to keep it full while your zipping it shut. i hang it in a window, not where the sun comes in brightly. and in about 2 weeks i have roots. good luck!! ~Medo

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i love the orange lilys and although i dont know how to get cuttings from the plan ! HELP!!!

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You might want to try this question over on the Lily forum, but there are suggestions all over the web (since I don't know how to do it myself, but I've seen them) on how to slice up a lily bulb to get multiple plants. Good Luck!

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Goodness, Campsis radicans aka orange trumpet vine, grows wild in most states. I'm sure one of us will send you a plant if you send a priority stamp to us.

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