It pays to stop stalking the plumeria!

moonie_57August 17, 2013

You know how you just can't stop looking for an inflo? Day after day... out at night with the flashlight? Well, just stop stalking them and maybe something will happen! :)

I just found a few inflos. Lillian Chinn, Rhonda and Kimo. The Rhonda inflo was too small to get a pic but here's some really bad ones. I'm just too lazy to pull out the good camera.

Lillian Chinn


And just for giggles, here's my white marathon bloomer that has been blooming since the beginning of time. :)

It's blooming on all 3 tips, if you can tell from the bad photo. And it's almost as tall as my greenhouse. I don't know what I'm going to do with this thing other than take cuttings, but I'm not sure I can bare to do it.. If I do, I will give a cutting to Lablover. She would love the non-stop blooms.

What I find so interesting about these plain white flowers, is they are not so plain! Sometimes they are pink, looking very much like Slaughter Pink, and other times the petals are long and spidery, like this pic.

Oh, I think there may be a false inflo on Duke. :(

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I may have labeled the pics backwards. Tomorrow, if the sun is shining, I will get the -real- camera out and retake some photos.

And I forgot to mention that my Aztec Gold that has bloomed for the second time this year dropped a flower today that was 5 inches if not more. This, so far, is the biggest of her blooms. And the deepest of colors. This AG was one that I kept awake over winter. I know y'all will demand a pic for proof. :)

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That's an awesome size! Congratulations.

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Thanks, Simi!

As a child, did you ever put daffodils into a glass of food coloring? I'm just thinking how cool that would be with an inflo. I wonder if it would take up the water. :)

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No, I never did that! It sounds like fun, so I missed out. What happened when you did it with the daffodils? What was it like? It sounds like something I would do, so I'm curious!

I gotta tell you, one of my best plumeria is a plain white - well, with trace amounts of pink and yellow. Somebody called it a "common white" and frankly, I was a little hurt. This tree pops inflos before any other, smells great, looks beautiful and blooms longest. What's so common about that? It's a champ.

I've wanted to get Lilian Chinn for a while, it's a wonderful plumeria. I'm very proud of my Kimo I got late last year, though. Only about three and a half feet, but with four inflos - straight across the branches from one end to the other. All blooming. Great flower, too.

And flashlight, microscope, webcam, I've done it all looking for inflos. Just found a new one yesterday! What a high that is.

Aztec Gold to me smells like peaches and butter. A 5" would knock me out. Good way to go, though!

Your marathon bloomer is awesome.

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The daffodil will draw up the colored water and the edges of the flower will turn what ever color you used. It was always so fun. It probably still would be. :)

I'm glad you also smell the buttery scent along with peach on AG. My sister said it sounded like a weird combo so I told her to imagine peach pie filling. She still didn't get the buttery part. Oh well. She's not an addic... umm, enthusiast.

I understand all too well about the whites not being given their due. This one I call my marathon bloomer because it just keeps going, but I bet if I gave it a really cool name people may stand up and take notice. :)

As far as Lillian Chinn, I love the petal shapes. Very much like Bonnie Fox and sometimes Mardi Gras will have that same shape. I have not been able to find a photo of LC so if you run across one, please post a link.

BTW, I enjoyed you webcam of... was it Bill M?

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Thanks, Moonie. It was Bill M. It got a little cooler over here so I got to the see colors change. Big inflo, I've really enjoyed this one.

I'll keep my eyes open for a Liilian C. pic.

I'll tell you something funny about how plumies have changed my life in small ways. The other day I was in the kitchen, and I turned and smelled a strong fresh peach scent - and immediately thought - "Oh, I must have left a California Sunset bloom on the counter!" Of course, it turned it was actually - a peach. Didn't think of that! How things turn.

Call your white "White Kapalua" and sell cuttings on eBay for $599! It could work. Or say it's a Kukiat cousin, you found at the field next door to Kukiat's. Or wait - Dane is $300 plus - call it White Great Dane and make it just $299 and appeal to both dog and plumeria lovers! Marketing is important! You are right though, our whites have great qualities and don't get the attention they deserve. I think I'll refer to mine as "The Possible Official Plumeria of Elon Musk's Hyperloop". That should give it some prestige! I await feedback from the scientific community!

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Geez, I wished I had not read this right before I have to walk out the door. The idea of the hyperloop excites me! I'm looking forward to it running across country, and maybe at even faster speeds! I would never miss JJ's Open House or the SCPA Sales.

Put me first on the list for an EMH.

Looove White Great Dane!

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Would be great to whisk away to a sale across the country in less time than it takes to drive between two cities in the LA area!

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