variegated dogwood - layering

lazygardener(z8 OR ,Bverton)July 18, 2008

This spring I found our variegated dogwood had layered a new plant. Early June I detached it from the mother plant and replanted the new growth with roots to a different area.

The new plant already had 4-5 shoots were about 2-3 feet above ground when I transplanted it.

It promptly dropped all its leaves and became mostly a bare plant. I have been counting the gradual reduction of the remaining green leaves that are still attached.

It has come down to 2 remaining green leaves now.

It is getting watered once a day. Is there any hope it will make it ? Is there anything else I can do. I have added some compost and alfalfa 3 weeks ago around the roots area.



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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Need to reduce the area of the plant (remove some of the shoots) it takes time and bacterial action to convert organics alfalfa etc to something the plant can use for new growth & new roots. ...SO... add a dilute solution of some water soluable fertilizer.
To late now but should have delayed transplanting till fall or next spring.

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