Please help identify this plant

james20721July 1, 2008

What is this shrub and is it too close to the house? Can it cause foundation damage?

Thanks in advance.


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Looks like Rose of Sharon to me. I don't think it'll damage the house, but it is kind of close to it. Someone else can answer that part for sure.

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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

It is a rose of sharon, and it is a tad close to the house.

You can cut it way back, shape it and keep it 'in bounds', so it will be a pretty little bush for you. It blooms on new growth, so it won't hurt to cut it. I would thin it out some too, but don't butcher it.


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Hibiscus syriacus or probably another Hibiscus species.

Hibiscus plants are small to medium-sized shrubs.
They don't get to be as tall or as large as trees so foundation damage is highly unlikely even when planted near the house.


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