I'm looking to go back to school.

pic_it_up2005(Zone 6 Ohio Valley)December 1, 2008

I currently own and run a photography stiod in southern ohio, I'm only 21 and I have decided that I want to go back to school. I need to find and online degree, but don't know where to start. I would love to work in a greenhouse, gardens, or focus on plant breeding at a proffessional level. My long term goal is to retire someday and move to florida and work for "the land" in Walt Disney world.

What degree am I looking at getting and do you know of anyplace I can do it online?

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

You know your needs and wants better than any of us, so google to find info and then come back to the forum with specific questions and our input.

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pic_it_up2005(Zone 6 Ohio Valley)

ok, well I have zeroed in on this.

I need to find a school with an online degree program for botany. I'm having a devil of a time finding it. If anyone out there knows of any I would love to know of them. I'm trying to find them on google but so far no leads :(

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As a professional in the horticulture field, I would find it very unlikely that there would be online degrees in botany or horticulture. Seems to be a pretty "hands on" industry. Try ofa.org

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I, too, doubt very much that you will be able to find an online horticulture degree. You might want to consider some sort of certificate course or even adult education, either of which might be available in your own community.

If you are serious about a degree (as in an Associate or BS in Horticulture), perhaps you could find an institution of your liking and contact them to find out what courses you could take online to transfer later on. Even an Associate degree will require the standard English, History, Math, and the rest of the basics. Any courses with hands on lab work just don't work for an online presentation.

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pic_it_up2005(Zone 6 Ohio Valley)

I was wondering if anyone knew a degree in biology with a focus on botany is the same thing. also would a horticulture degree take me to the same places?

My end goal is to work at The Land in Disney's Epcot Center at some point.

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Peoplle with a degree in Horticulture you have studies some botany but many other subjects.
If you aim is to get Vocational training then study Horticulture with a emphisis in floral crop production. You can get there with a degree in botany/biology & then get practical on the job training
I was finishing a degree in secondary education Biology, Chemistry & Physics. I asked a local grower if I could follow him around for several days & learn since all my studies concerned humans. He said yes & after a year of working with him I went on to get a masters in Horticulture. The point is there are many ways to get the job you wish. try a local grower, arboreatum, etc. Check night school at local Junior college etc. etc. etc.

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Horticulture could very well take you where you want to go, but I also agree an online course may not be the best route to take. It not exactly what I'd call "book learning" but requires quite a lot of hands-on activity, as other posters have indicated. The attached link should get you to some sources in your area for potential courses of study, but you really need a classroom, greenhouse and field trips rather than a computer :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: horticultural colleges - Ohio

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pic_it_up2005(Zone 6 Ohio Valley)

thankyou so much, I'm looking into all my options still but my hearts desire is a botany degree. It just seems like everything I would love to learn. I'm off to call disney world and check on the requirments on that job....

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Now, THAT'S the smartest idea. Disney employs professional 'green industry' people at every level, including lots and lots of students doing intern work. Find out from them what kind of requirements that they would like you to have.

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pic_it_up2005(Zone 6 Ohio Valley)

After talking to alot of different people, (disney world, Krohns conservator, Cinci Zoo, Cox Abouritum, Cleavland zoo) I have decided on a botany degree. In fact I have decied on this one;

I sent in my application about an hour ago....here goes nothing.

to be honest I'm scared to death, I have alot on the line here but I would have spent the rest of my life wondering what if I didn't try.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Texas Tech University has an accredited ONLINE Horticulture degree!! They also have a few other online degrees and degree completion plans. Certainly worth checking out.Only a couple of the classes require attendance at your local college. The rest are delivered online, in print, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Degree Info LInk

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