Little Christmas present ideas for a pro...?

ms.ivyDecember 11, 2007

I need ideas for some little doodad or other to get a deplorably unacquisitive relative who has a landscape business. Most of his time in the field is spent selling and supervising, but occasionally he gets hands on, usually when there's an ice storm or flood or some other awful thing befalling his clients' manicured properties. I've been reduced to browsing the Lee Valley site and wondering if he'd like a pair of Silver-Gripper tweezers or whether a set of magnetic cord holders might not someday be just what he needed... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

Check out Duluth Trading Company. They have some cool stuff. I bought a cab commander, which is an organizer for a truck. Around $35, maybe more than you wanted to spend. They have some cool leather business card cases, and cell phone cases, and pages of doodads too. Have fun!

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I don't know what your budget is, but the best $100 I spent in the last couple of years (aside from Patriots tickets) was for a laser measuring device that is sold at most home improvement stores. It is by Black & Decker and called "Fat Max". It saves an incredible amount of time taking measurements out in the field. About $90 at Home Depot.

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nwnatural(zone 8 PNW)

I love my waterproof clipboard.

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deplorably unacquisitive? sounds like the first order of business is practicality.

Anything from Duluth Trading. If you are not familiar with this company, look it up. If nothing else, the catalogs are amusing. Ditto on the cab commander. Also, anything fire hose. The best jacket I have is their fleece-lined fire hose shirt-jac. The most comfortable jeans I can remember wearing are their kevlar jeans (with a five year! warranty).

SmartWool socks. Wow. I work with a woman who says they are like sex for your feet.

A.M. Leonard. Gempler's. Also known as soft-core porn for hort people. (The hard core is the trade shows.)

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mdvaden_of_oregon(NW Oregon)

How about one of the better grade lasers.

They make great pointing tools. I keep one to point to good limbs, or defects out of reach. And mine is only like a $20 one.

There are nicer ones available, and I heard that green is a nice color to use too.

One company makes one that you could start a fire with, so I hear, for about $200. Probably too intense for a pointer.

Are the Felco hand pruners with the disinfectant spray bottle to big and to much? About $300 - but unique.

M. D. Vaden of Oregon

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I think that our OP is looking for something in the $10-$20 range, judging by the items she was wondering about in her post.

My vote would be a 30X lighted hand held microscope. Ideal for identification purposes, they can readily be found for less than 20 bucks.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

It sounds like a two piece rain suit would be a good thing. I know you can never get enough of them. They are never where you are, if you're in the truck and it's raining, they're in the garage or office. If you're in the office, they're in the truck!

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)

Thank you guys so much. This is just what I needed, and perhaps even more because now I'm in that shopper in the candy store stage. The price range is actually fairly open under $150 because I was going to let his wife choose a main present and then add some little thing to it, so literally all the suggestions are open. Just have to find out what he already has to settle on something. And quick since I've let the last few days get away from me and because I'm no longer going to have to have her choose something there locally. Happy Holidays everyone!

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