how can I propagate Gentiana and Cigar Plant

trillium15(z5a Ontario)July 26, 2006

Hi. I have about 12 half pots up on the fence in which my nasturtium seeds fried. So I have a wall of soil and was thinking of a nice trailing periennial. I have a nice blue Gentiana or a Cigar Plants (Cuphea ignea). Any idea how to propagate these? I am not sure if you can just make cuttings and pop them in water til they root. It seems that although both of these like to spread, they all come from one plant with no babies nearby.

Any help offered would be great! Also, do you think they will be fine as periennials over winter in zone 6a in the pots or should I plant them in the ground and dig them up next Spring?

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Both plants are ppropagated by see, cuttings (but in water a poor choice) or division. The reason your nasturtium pprobably died because they did not get enough water at the right time.... the chanches are the same will happen with any plant YOU put on the fence.... Also any perennial in a container need extra care to survive the winter SO its best to bury the pot/plant in soil for the winter...

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