Gardening and Horticulture Classes at UCLA Ext.

MJinLADecember 20, 2011

I'm a college graduate who works full time, and am interested in making a career change into Horticulture.

I'd love to work in a nursery or botanical garden, propagating and caring for plants. I'm not a people person, so the retail aspect of working at a nursery doesn't appeal to me, but the opportunity to work with the plants does.

I'm thinking of taking classes in Gardening and Horticulture at UCLA Extension, but it's quite expensive, so before I make a decision to take any classes there, I'd like to know if anyone here has taken these classes at UCLA, and if you feel that it was worth the money and time you put into it. Also, does anyone in the LA area know of another path to take, or maybe another institution to go to, that can help me achieve my goals, and in a more cost-efficient way?

I'd appreciate any feedback and advice.



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Propaganda Garden Design

I took a plant ID class taught by Jamie Inashima and it seemed pretty good but I had to go out of town for an extended period of time and couldn't complete it. Still I attended at least 5 or so classes and she seemed professional and knowledgable. It seemed on par with the plant ID classes I took at the New York Botanical Garden (which were very good).

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As a rule, extension courses do not prepare you for a professional position in the industry. Is your degree at all related to floriculture?

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