Honeysuckle - where to take the cutting?

leaveswave(.)July 5, 2007

I'm guessing the tip of a vine is not the best place to take a cutting from...I've tried it a couple times and the cuttings all rotted. Are they easier to propagate by root division or are cuttings fairly easy? How crucial is the water vapor tent? Any other things you particularly recommend?

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kansasblazer(Zone 6 -Kansas)

My guess would be that your cuttings rotted because your propagating medium didn't have good drainage. I used the powder rooting compound because it also contained an anti-fungal. My recommendation would be to try using coarse sand as a medium. As far as the water vapor tent, I would still use that, unless of course you're using intermittent mist.

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So even the growing tip has a chance of rooting using sand and tent/misting?

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kansasblazer(Zone 6 -Kansas)

Absolutely. I have some in my propagator now that have been there for about 2 weeks. No rot or wilting noted. (Knock on wood!)

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Can you root cutting / new shoot in water?

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The only success Ive ever had with rooting honeysuckle was this summer using the layer method. You just need to find a stem growing fairly close to the ground maybe two feet long, dig a trench so you can bury a portion of the stem at a node, trim away the leaves around the node and maybe nick or scrape the node, bury this 2-3" in good soil and keep moist, I put a brick or rock over this area. I waited for about 8weeks keeping it moist and making sure I dont cut any part of the stem when mowing. Anyway it was rooting pretty well at the end of this time so I cut it away from the mother plant and potted it up . Heres a couple of shots of it now. This is from coral honeysuckle [major wheeler].

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