pepper cuttings questions

kuvaszlvrJuly 25, 2011

hello, I have a question concerning propagation. I grow 60+ varieties of hot peppers that I sell (the plants) at the local herb festivals. So far I have always grown from seed, but I have been looking at cuttings this year. It's hard to find much information on it so I was hoping someone here might have some info. I have read that the plants get smaller with each successive cutting (this is of interest to me because my plans are to take cuttings soon to overwinter and then later in the year take cuttings off of the first clones to grow out plants for the festivals.) Collecting seeds is such a pain, (especially trying to do it in 100+ temps) cuttings sounds much simpler. I was also wondered which peppers tend to do best from cuttings, so far, in an experiment, my bhut cuttings are looking great. I grow peppers from anchos through the bhuts. I have read people saying that their plants propagated from cuttings produces sooner and produces just as much as plants started from seed.

my questions:

Do they lose viability with each successive cutting?

Is there a change in fruit production with successive cuttings, and if size is affected, is it obvious?

Which peppers (if there is any real variability) propagate best from cuttings?

I want to produce the best possible plants for my customers. I've been taking and growing cuttings for years, but this is my first attempt at peppers. Any other info would be greatly appreciated.

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In time the plants will reach the same height & spread if from seed or cuttings...
The real concern is how much space do you have to grow & heat requirements during the winter.....Also the addition time requirement to prepare stock plants & then take the cuttings needed for next year...
Spring 2012 have some plants from seed & others from cuttings & let customers make choice ...THEN...let us known the results.....

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Okey Dokey. I had planned on some from seed and some from cuttings, so it will be no problem. Luckily we have a sunroom and a 8' x 26' greenhouse. Biggest problem is heating it in the winter, if it gets too cold I just bring everything into the sunroom, luckily that doesn't happen often.

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