Wrong 'coarse sand' for intermittent mist system?

liflowJuly 8, 2010

I'd really appreciate a bit of advice here...

I built a basic intermittent mist system and got some sand at Lowes. This is the stuff: http://www.quikrete.com/ProductLines/SandAllPurpose.asp

It says "coarse" and "sand" on the bag so based on the threads I'd been lurking I hoped it'd be fine. It looks fine on the surface but if I cut into it with a putty knife or pat the flat surface with my hand, it becomes soup...

The sand is in a wooden box with a 1/24 slope with weed-stop fabric covering a drainage slot on the low edge.

Is my issue the box? Should I put a gravel layer under the sand to help it all run to the edge?

Or is this sand just the wrong stuff?


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If this is coarse sand then no further preperation is needed (gravel etc.....)go for it.

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Okay, I'm going for it! Thanks...

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I've had the best luck with "Paver Sand". At my local big box store they have it in the garden section. It's more coarse that Play sand and All Purpose sand and I can tell that water goes through it a lot faster.

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I rooted Bradford pears in to weeks with my home made intermittent system, if your sand becomes soup-you are misting to offten, bed not deep enough or not a raised bed!
Any local concret mixer will sale you course sand, I bought a 1/2 ton of it from Ready Mix and it was $15.00! works great.

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