Creeping Thyme/ Whitleys Speedwell /Scotch/Irish Moss Propagation

mscolereJuly 29, 2008

I am in the process of pre planning for next spring for phase 2 of my 3 phase landscaping project. I am in the process of smothering my grass this year and will be replacing my former lawn with existing varieties of creeping thyme (elfin and bressingham pink), whitley's speedwell, scotch moss and irish moss next spring. The plants I have vary in size and age. My Bressingham pink thyme is 3 years old and consists of 6 plants when they were first planted. My whitley's speedwell is only 2 plants worth at 3 years old. The elfin thyme (6 plants), and both moss's (2 plants each) were purchased this year.

Does anyone know when and how to propagate my existing plant to be able to create full flats of plugs? I have never done this before and I donÂt even know where to start. In all I will need a flat of each variety (total 4 to 5 flats X 72 plugs) to fill the are when I will be replacing my front lawn. Is it even possible to propagate these plants in the spring when the are dormant? Or would I have to wait until they start growing again in the spring?

Your help is much appreciated!!

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I've had good success with various thymes from seed. Never tried to divide, though.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Creeping Thyme & Speedwell.... take tip cuttings of firm new growth. apply 0.1% IBA Rooting hormone) stick in well drained soil & mist taking 7-30 days to root.
Irish moss from seed or small plugs taken in spring

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I would like to know where you got your Whitleys Speedwell from. I have been looking for that plant and have been unsuccessful in finding it.

Thank you for your help!

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Sherwood Botsford(3a)

Thyme is easy. Fill small flats. Place next to Thyme. Stretch thyme and pin to new location with an unbent paperclip. Once you have some in plugs, just keep moving the plugs to an empty 6 pack and repeat. Each iteration will multiply your plugs by 5.

Previous poster is correct however, thyme is easy from seed if you can avoid letting it dry out when it's tiny.

Thyme is NOT weed proof. A large area of thyme will be a lot of work.

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Last weekend I started a flat of Thyme. It is very easy to divide.

A couple of weeks earlier I partly buried all of the longer shoots. In 2 weeks lots of new roots have started in the areas I covered.

I sniped off the new growth, new roots and al and planted a few ends per cell in the flat.

This weekend it's looking like its starting to take hold and grow well.

When I did this the first two days the Thyme looked very wilted but now its standing up tall ready to rock and roll.

I'd guess that regular misting and a greenhouse dome would have helped it get going faster. Other then watering it every few mornings I just ignored it.


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