When to move cuttings into a cold frame or outside?

ljwzJuly 1, 2011

Hello, My name is Lisa and I am new to gardening. I live in the Chicago area. I put a few plants, mostly wild flowers, in my previously barren front yard this year. However, my adorable toddlers who are a continual "help" in the garden have crushed a few plants. A fern, cardinal plant, and bee balm. Almost two weeks ago I attempted to plant cuttings from the broken stems of the cardinal plant and bee balm. One immediately died and the others have not wilted yet. One has shown some new growth. I trimmed the cuttings, dipped the end in rooting hormone, and covered it in a plastic bag. This is what I read to do in a book I got from the library. I just bought an inexpensive cold frame and I am wondering if I can put the plants in there instead of my kitchen counter. Can I put brand new cuttings in a cold frame? Will they still need to be in a plastic bag if in the cold frame? And how will I know when I can put them in the ground? Any tips or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you

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You posted two weeks ago with no comments and it is probably too late to help you now. I would hesitate to tell you to put them in the cold frame because I don't know enough about the temperatures of your cold frame, but have an idea about your kitchen counter. I would not expect roots for at least a month, and during that time you will need to watch your cuttings and vent them every couple of days to prevent growing mold on the soil and the cutting stem at soil level. When you can leave the tent off for 30 minutes or longer without the cutting wilting, you MIGHT have roots started. Sorry I did not see your post earlier. Al

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