Is it possible to root Daisy Cuttings?

homemommyJuly 15, 2009

A few years ago I started some Crazy Daisy's from seed. A couple plants did not grow true to type, they where much better!! I have never seen other daisy's like these before, they look like big white fall mums with dark green centres!

I would love to propagate them, as all I have left are a couple small divisions I took after we moved.

Is it possible to root daisy stem cuttings, or would I have to look at root cuttings?

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I hnow of at least 30 species with plants known as "DAISY"
which one.............
as a general rule most daisy plants cannot be propagated using the flower stem..... but by division. tissue culture may also be used

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Sorry, I did specify "crazy daisy" but if you need to be more specific / there is more then one type of daisy that is "crazy", then I believe this to be a variety of "L. Superbum".

The thing is with it, instead of having frilly petals and a large yellow centre like all the others in the package, the flower looks more like a fall mum, and it has a dark almost green centre... Definately a daisy though, the leaves are identical to the others I have grown...

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Try taking cuttings & applying 0.1% IBA (Rooting hormone) stick in well drained soil & mist taking 10-20 days to root.....

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

There is a popular daisy Leucanthemum x superbum which some say may be propagated using non-flowering shoot tip cuttings. Some say smaller cuttings are better as the smaller cuttings tend to wilt less. "To accelerate rooting and improve uniformity, dip the base of the cuttings in a 1,500-ppm IBA rooting hormone. For ideal rooting, maintain soil temperatures of 70-75º F, relative humidity of 85-90 percent and photoperiods of 13 hours or less (short days)."

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please post a picture.
and good luck :)

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