Black Purple!

ellusionzAugust 20, 2014

So excited! Just ordered a black purple from Brads Buds and Blooms. Heard they had some coming in and been stalking their site for the past month waiting for them to come up for sale. Also got one of those cute dreamsicles and a morning star... there goes my spare money for the next month or so! LOL Just hope I'm able to keep them thriving as well as my first plumeria, Kalina, is doing.

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Congrats on your new plants, those sound wonderful!! It sounds like you made some great choices! And we all feel your pain about spending all of your money on plumeria, we all have a similar problem LOL!!

I look forward to pictures of your beauties, I'm sure they will be in good hands.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Emily and I also understand.. Lol

Im Sure you have a beauty there too!! I also found one.. So don't feel bad!

Great choice.. I kind of feel bad, that was for one minute.. Lol!!

Good luck!!!


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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Congrats Ellusionz!!! Just remember BP needs lots of sun and heat to get that black purple color. I've seen pics of BP with less heat and its more on Hilo Beauty/Wild Fire red range.

Gotta luv the thai plumies.

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Here's the new additions! From left to right: Morning Star, Dreamsicle and Black Purple. I love going to BBB's for the plants, they are super nice and always let me look around. Saw some plants on their property that gave me ideas of what I want to do around my yard!

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Congratulations on your new plumeria! How exciting!!

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Great selections! I love Brad's Buds and Blooms, they are top notch plumeria vendor in my book and I will buy from them in the future...just this season I ordered some rooted cuttings from them; an Edie and a Jeannie Jr. along with some others. Something weird happened and my Edie and Jeannie started to rot just a month after potting up. Strange because other rooted plants in the same area with same soil etc. are thriving. Well, I contacted BBB to see if they could help me out with a discount or anything, and boy did they ever.
Not only did they send me another, well-rooted Edie; but Brad cut a huge 3-tip Jeannie Jr. cutting off his own personal tree in his yard at home and sent it to me! It's rooting with my other various cuttings and I couldn't be happier! I wish I lived close enough to visit them personally like you Ellusionz...enjoy your new babies!

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