orcascove(6 Columbus Ohio)May 8, 2009

Jerry and I had just had a trade. He sent his end very quickly, and supplied all the information on how to plant the Red Pine Cone Ginger. His communication was good, and he was very easy to work with. I would be happy to trade with Jerry again in the future.

Thanks Jerry!!!

Barb (orcascove)

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Thanks Barb.

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kerai(z8 SC)

I ditto Barb's comments. Good communication. Pleasure to deal with.

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I just had a great "in person" trade with Jerry,prior to the trade communication was great.The plants he brought over were great.Everything was great and I would trade again with him.Thanks alot!Debbie

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amelia_pepper_lady(8B/9 LA)

Recently completed a small trade with Jerry. He sent postage promptly. He was also very understanding and gracious when I was delayed in sending the seeds. Excellent communications; very pleasant to deal with.

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I had a trade with Jerry in which I sent a large flat rate priority box full of Vinca Vine and I got a delivery confirmation for it. I sent several emails asking had the box arrived and were all the plants alright. I never received a response. The only way I knew that the box was received was by checking the delivery confirmation online. I seen several postings by Jerry so I responded to one of them asking about all the emails I had sent regarding the plants that I had shipped, then I finally got a return email stating that he had mailed me postage as soon as he got the box BUT unfortunately he had sent "cash". I still had the original email that HE sent to me during the agreement of swapping plants for postage stating he would be sending a Money Order for postage just as soon as the plants arrived first because he had been taken so many times before. Well I still do not have the postage but he has the plants.

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A check was sent to sjackwheat for the full amount even though the plants where not what I wanted.. It has not cleared my bank but should just about any day.

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crueltyfre(Tampa 9a heat 10 sunset 26)

Sorry to say it, but Jerry scammed me. And, stupid me, I didn't even realize it till just now.

Jerry and I set up a trade. Mine went out to Jerry. Jerry didn't have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of it. A week later I emailed him asking if he got it. He replied saying yes he did and he would mail mine out in a few days.

This reply caught me off guard as we had agreed to mail on or about the same day. So to find out that it was over a week past the day we agreed to mail and he still hadn't shipped mine, had me questioning what was going on. But still I trusted him.

I waited yet another week and still did not receive his package. I emailed him again asking if he had mailed it. He replied he was in the hospital. He said he'd be out soon and would get my package to me then.

Being an honesty and trusting person, I believed him. I spent the last three weeks patiently waiting for his speedy recovery and was not at all upset at having to wait for his health to return before getting my plants. Until that is, I started to see him posting at various GWeb forums over the last two weeks. One of the forums he posted in just a few days ago was the Exchange forum asking for cuttings.

So, it appears he's out of the hospital and gardening again and I'm up that proverbial creek.

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Jerry scammed me too.
Jerry and I set up a trade on June 9. I sent plant to him . He received my plants and I receive nothing from him until now.
Last email sent to me by his wife on july 13 said he is in hospital , he has heart by pass surgery.
But on GW he is asking for trade on july 14.Can you believed his story ?

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I really do not know where fluffybonbon got her information and has I never had heart by pass surgery. I was in the hospital for blood clots in my legs. I did sent her the item that was agreed upon. The item she sent me was not what we agreed upon and when i sent hers to her it was not enough, she wanted me to send her more of the exact thing but double the amount and I told her 'NO" and it made her mad.

As for crueltyfre we have talked and she is happy with what I am doing concerning her trade and she says she will respond on here agreeing to that.

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Here is the true from Jerry.
This is Margie, Jerry's wife. he has been very ill for quite some time now and he has had a heart attack the other day and has had to have by open/by pass surgery. I am not sure what this is about but I know he will take care of whatever just as soon as he can and back on his feet. They are talking about his going into rehab for 4-6 weeks. He just asked me to check his emails and I found yours and thought I would let you know what was going on.

Jerry F. Kimbrell
6219 Chris Tyre Road
Patterson, GA 31557
Pray for the Peace of JERUSALEM

--- On Mon, 7/13/09, Joy Cung wrote:

From: Joy Cung
Subject: Re: I am so sorry
To: "Jerry Kimbrell"
Date: Monday, July 13, 2009, 3:10 PM

One more week passed by , your plant never come.
I never receive your plant in return that is rude , cruel and unfair to trade with you.
Any way you took my plants and I have nothing in return.

On Jul 6, 2009, at 8:57 PM, Jerry Kimbrell wrote:

I mailed it to you like I said I would do. Now please leave me alone until you don't get it within a week or so.

Jerry F. Kimbrell
6219 Chris Tyre Road
Patterson, GA 31557
Pray for the Peace of JERUSALEM

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axelsrose(zone 5)

Well, Ladies and/or Gents, you aren't the only ones. This seems to be quite a habit for him.
We set up a trade, I sent July 3. I use delivery conformation so I know when my packages arrive. By the middle of July I still had nothing from him, but plenty of excuses. Oh and I heard about the heart thing too. If I can find the email, I will include it at the bottom of this post. I couldn't figure out why such a "sick" man had set up a trade. Anyway, I finally got nasty with him in an email and he did send his end of the deal, sort of.
The main excuse he gave me for the delay was that it was so hot there that he didn't want the Brugs cuttings he was sending to wilt. I have traded/sent dozens of Brugs cuttings, and if done properly, they do ok.
Anyway...... today is July 30 and I got an envelope from Jerry, yes that's right an envelope! Beat up and stamped "damaged" by the post office. Inside were 3 Brugs cuttings, sealed in a zip lock bag!!!!!!! I guess that was to make sure they were extra crispy when they arrived! Like the beating they got from being shipped in an envelope wasn't going to be enough to assure they would never survive!
This guy is a problem. And he uses his religion as a shield, signing each email with Shalom or God Bless. It is offensive and disgraceful!

This is the copied email about the heart thing:

i have not yet as i had to have a heart cath wednesday. i will get it out tuesday as i have to be out back to the doctor then, thanks wrote:
> Jerry, I did not receive a package from you in todays mail. Did you send me
> a package Wednesday as you said you would? Susan
> In a message dated 7/2/2009 10:31:52 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> No, I am jerryngeorgia31557 .
> Jerry F. Kimbrell
> Shalom
> Pray for the Peace of
> ---
> On Thu, 7/2/09,
> wrote:
> From:
> Subject: Re:
> Ostrich Ferns To: Date: Thursday, July
> 2, 2009, 9:36 PM
> Question??? Are you Msbatt on garden web?

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I followed through with Axelsrose2001 like she asked me too and appoligized for the mail system. I can not control what happens after it is mailed can I? I sent it priority mail and I have offered to resend and she does not want it.
I have made arrangements with crueltyfre. You can check with her and find out.

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Interesting to find there were others having some difficulties with Jerry, as I sent him vine cuttings via first class mail and he says they never arrived.

But I must add, he did offer to send me the $5.00 it cost me, but I told him to forget it. His ailment described to me, in the beginning of June, was 'stomach trouble' I believe, and a hospital visit.

Overall, it's taught me to never send anything, to someone I don't know, without the $ in advance.

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I just completed another trade with Jerry,one of many that we have had this summer.Everything went smoothly.He's always quick to offer me whatever he has and communication is great.Thanks!Debbie

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This is a little late but completed a trade with Jerry for seeds. Kept in contact the whole time so I have no problem with trading with him again.

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We set up a trade last November. I sent him my seeds and he acknowledged receipt in an email, saying his seeds would be delayed as he had been ill.

He has still not sent his end of the trade, despite many emails and promises. He is the only person on Gardenweb who has not traded fairly with me. Very disappointing.


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I had a trade with Jerry back last July. He sent email saying he was in the hospital and will finish our trade.
Received several emails promising to complete trade but never received them. I finally gave up.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Posted by sandy_s z4 CO (My Page) on
Sat, May 1, 10 at 13:45

bad trade i sent my end of the trade and 1 year later nothing from jerry. i emailed MANY times and got a different excuse everytime. sandy

(copied from another thread)

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