Cloning Blackberries?

technologygardenJuly 31, 2008

Hi all, I have a bunch of blackberry plants and would like to try and clone some cuttings. I searched on the web and didn't find much info on this, Can cloning of blackberry stalks be done? ANy tips or advice would be great, I plan on using my homemade cloning machine to try and clone them once I have an idea on what I need to do



Technology Garden

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Mmmm....I wonder what you typed in your search, I found a lot.
Here is a link for detailed information on raising caneberries from start to finish.....including information on propagation from "CUTTINGS"....

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thanks, I'll check it out.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Eric - what exactly do you want to do? Are you interested in tissue culture or do you just want want more blackberries identical to their parents? If the latter blackberries are extremely easy to reproduce. Just bend a stem down to the ground and fix the tip in place with bent wire or a rock. You can heap a little earth over it if you like but you don't need to. Keep it moist. The stem touching the ground will root. It's one of the ways blackberries reproduce in the wild and the reason they grow into vast thickets. If you look at a neglected blackberry clump you will find that this happens naturally all the time. When the stem has rooted just sever it from the parent and transplant it to where you want it. One of the easiest plants to propagate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tip layering

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Great, thank you. I was thinking I'd use my cloning machine I made. That sounds much easier. I simply want to move some of the plants and start another patch. thanks for the tips!

Technology Garden

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