Pothos, other tropicals propagation in H2O

garden_tinkJuly 5, 2007

Hi, I was rooting some pothos cuttings in my window sill and they took root, no problem, thing is, some of the nicer leaves came off in the whole cutting process so I stuck them in another jar with water, too. They rooted! Do leaves of plants do that well? I've already transplanted it (three leaves) with lots of circling roots into a pot of soil and it hasnt changed a bit, still alive, but not doesn't appear to be growing. Will it take on a body of it's own? I had a japanese aralia launch a leaf into the water also, I just noticed it had roots at the tip of the stem where it disengaged the tip cutting. Curious.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Many plants will develop roots on the petioles of leaves not not stem tissue. You need to take stem cuttings for that to occur.

I remember one guy who carefully rooted a large rubber plant leaf. It sure did grow some great roots, but never a single bit of stem! Hilarious.

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Thank you for the reply. I have to laugh, then, I'm in with the rubber plant guy, I guess. Well, they look nice in my container garden for now, when they go roots up, I'll pull them. These did definitly form roots ant the very ends of the leaf stems where they snapped off the plant stem. Strange.
Garden Tink

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There are plants you can start with a leaf, african violet, gloxinia, started right in the dirt. jade leaf layed on dirt, will develop into a plant.

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I am having trouble rooting my pothos cuttings. I have successfully rooted fiddle leaf figs, rubber plants and dracaena marginadas but my pothos cuttings just rot. I put them in a south facing window because that's what's always worked for the rest. Is it possible that I need to let the cuttings dry for a couple hours before I put them in water? Am I not cutting them in the right place? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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