Why are branches getting thicker?

labland(Inland Valley CA9)August 5, 2011

This sounds stupid I know, but thought I would get confirmation. My Lemon Yellow started blooming this year for the first time. I can't remember if I bought it early last season, or late the season before (I need to start keeping notes!).

Anyway, I have noticed that yes, the branches are a it long, but I notice thst the diameter of the. Branches is getting thicker new growth, probably started since I bought it.

Do you think this is because of a change in fertilizers? If so, I like the results!

Guess I will be cutting sime branches this year when it becomes dormant.

Also, thought I would add a photo of a spider web that showed up this morning. Neat! I wasn't sure if it would show up in the photo but it did.

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That's good right! The diameter of my plumeria's trunk and branches are getting larger too. I thought mine was a goner when I first bought it. The trunk and branches were soft and lifeless. It took 3 months, and a lot of patience on my part, for it to come back to life. I just use regular miracle grow all purpose fertilizer. My neighbor uses manure to fertilize everything but I don't think I can stand the smell to try it.

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