Blueberry Bush Division/Blueberry Bush wound treatment

actionclawJuly 15, 2013

Perhaps it's only because I haven't been able to come up with the ideal search terms but I've been unable to locate information that addresses this subject.

I have a few blueberry bushes with (I suppose what might be described as) multiple trunks: 2 or 3 larger branches dividing just about at the soil line (give or take a fraction of an inch). Is it possible to split the trunk, keeping with each section it's own root mass, in order to create multiple bushes?

My concern --and this question-- is about the resulting wound to the "trunks".

In some cases, cuttings are done using old growth but I believe new growth is used to propagate blueberry bushes. Also, I believe the same soil line must be maintained so I assume the wound must be kept above ground. Is that correct?

I've seen it debated in reference to tree pruning, tree wounds, etc. but my current understanding (and what I'm subscribing to) is that "applying wound dressings is not recommended. Trees, like many organisms, have their own mechanisms to deter the spread of decay organisms, insects and disease."

  • I'm thinking this also applies to blueberry bushes? Is that correct?
  • Better to leave exposed to air or would simple tree wrap in way way help?
  • Has anyone here had experience with, know or read about this type of "blueberry bush division"?
  • Is it a viable option or will it simply kill the (or sections of the) plant?

(To those who will inevitably question why I am considering this and suggest that I, instead, propagate from tip cutting (which I also plan to do) my thinking is, in addition to improving the structure of these particular bushes, that while a plant started from a tip cutting results, approximately, in a one year old bush a divided three or four year old bush will create several three or four year old bushes ...but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

Thanks for your input.

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What you are suggesting I have tried on other single stem plants, but was not successful. If it were possible to split the stem, or trunk down through the roots so each half would have some of the crown AND some roots you might do it, but I don't think it is possible with the plants you have. I also do not think any dressing or sealing material would help. Al

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