how to progate creeping phlox

diggerb2(z5oh)July 30, 2007

I have three nice hunks of creeping phlox that i'd like to get rooted and transplant to other parts of the garden.

right now they droop about 12-18 inches over a 2 foot high tall stone wall next to the sidewalk. so how do i root them.

put a pot of soil under them, pin them down to the soil and keep them well watered until they root and get established and then cut them off and movethem else where? is this something i sould do next spring for better results?

thanks diggerb

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I had lots of creeping phlox when I lived in Wisconsin, when I wanted to root more of it I would just tear some of it off the main 'mass' making sure I got some roots--which is pretty easy cuz it has lots of tiny little roots.
I'd just tuck it into a different spot and water it, sometimes I would put a tiny bit of mulch or some small rocks around it to hold it down and then water it. It almost always would take root somehow into the ground and spread along just fine with almost no special care. If you prefer to start it in pots, I'd do just about the same thing--just tear some off and set it on some dirt in a pot and water it. In pots you will likely have to water more often, but It grows almost as easily as a sedum. maryt

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