The rookie mistake!

penguinsrock09(5B)July 24, 2012

This is my second full season of gardening and I dabbled into hot peppers last year by purchasing a few jalapeno and hungarian wax pepper plants from my local nursery. Well I got hooked on hot peppers (as I'm sure you all are too!) and decided that I wanted to try planting from seed.

Before I stumbled upon this forum I made the biggest rookie mistake of all and decided to search for seeds on EBAY! I bought all kinds of different varieties and started them early and put them out when it was time. I purchased the vast majority from one EBAY seller who had a great reputation and all the seeds purchased their turned out to be what they advertised.

Problem was I ventured off the beaten path and bought from a less established seller. Now I'm stuck with a pepper that I can not identify! It's growing very well so I'm not too upset it's not what was advertised. I've looked at pictures online but can't seem to match it. I know the pods are green still but does anyone have an idea of what it could be?

No doubt I learned my lesson with EBAY as this won't happen again!

PS. I had taken multiple pictures from various angles but can't seem to figure out how to post more than one pic per message.

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Looks like a Habanero, nice looking plant and pods. What should it have been?

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My thoughts were Habanero also.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

You can post more than one pic per message, but you need to host them somewhere else and put the links in your message. Otherwise reply to your first message with the second picture. There is a thread about this nearby.

What is the pepper supposed to be?

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Thanks for the super quick replies! I figured it was a version of a Habanero. Guess I'll have to keep my eye on it over the next few weeks!

It was supposed to be seeds for a Bhut Jolokia. However, none of them germinated except for the one you see in the picture.

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Some kind of chinense.

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Penguin - Several kind and dedicate people conduct seed exchanges in the fall. Keep watching this or the tomato forum for those.
John A

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You don't have an email option enabled on you member page. Send me one via mine.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Unfortunately, your experience with purchasing seeds on Ebay is a common one.

There are some great, reliable pepper seed sources out there, such as Peppermania, Tradewinds Fruit,, and Tomato Growers Supply Co. Plus, CCN (Cross Country Nurseries) is now selling seeds in addition to plants.

I host a pepper seed swap, called Pick-A-Peck of Peppers Seed Swap, in the early spring here on GardenWeb. I'll post a notice for it a couple of weeks before it starts, and it is a great way to expand your seed inventory. Most people get back more than they send in, due to some very generous donations. Of course with a seed swap, you are usually getting open pollinated seeds, so you may still end up with the occasional mystery plant.


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Again thanks everyone for the support!

Bonnie and John: I think the biggest issue with people who are new is that you simply do not know any better. I know I didn't and started browsing EBAY and you get pulled in to all the auctions. Now not all sellers are dishonest but clearly some are. I've learned a lot since February! I will definitely be looking at the pepper seed swap when it is time.

Ottawapepper I will send you an email just now.

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It is not always a matter of a seller being dishonest. Peppers are highly susceptible to crossing from insect pollinators. The problem is that many sellers are less than adequate at maintaining a line of peppers by preventing crossing. Even when a grower is highly motivated to produce pure seed, accidents can still happen. Bees will fly up to 5 miles to collect nectar and pollen under some conditions.


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lorabell NC(8)

Another rookie ebayer here! It just never crossed my mind that I wouldn't get what I ordered! My black carrots I ordered are regular orange. One of the hot pepper seeds ordered is a basic sweet bell. I've 3 other types of peppers I'm still waiting on but don't have my hopes up.

The thing is, I have absolutely no problem if a traded seed turns out fact it's kinda fun to see if it might. And I appreciate those sharing more then you'll know.

But, selling on ebay, if you are not sure of your product, the very least is a disclaimer that it might not be what you are advertising. JMO

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I agree with above completely that you have crosses coming into play, plus sometimes records get crossed up or any number of "honest" mistakes. With ebay though, there is the other kind. Make a quick buck by subbing in Moruga with Habs etc... On a lot of C.chinense the buyer won't even know until months later anyway. Same with buying plants. You just can't tell right away on most cases. Even off ebay I know of at least 4 seed/plant sellers that have consistantly got bad/horrid reviews on another chili site yet they are still in business due to the sheer number of buyers that aren't in formed. This is one industry where reputation is the number one, and probably only reason to buy, trade, or be given free from somewhere.
Remember, free still means 4 months of wasted time and effort raising that Primo that put out Orange Habby Pods.
just my 2c

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Hi I agree the cross pollonated seeds are the main problem. I have some plants I keep separate in a greenhouse which I hand pollonate & bag to keep poor. Then I have loads of different types outside that I just let mother nature do the work. This is very exciting as next years seeds could be a very good cross you just don't now what you will get. This year I planted some seeds from last year were I had crossed a big Jim which has sweet peppers over 14inch with a Apache with 1inch hot fruits this year I got 7inch fruits that had a sweet flavor but had a great kick ideal for med to hot curry. So don't worry if its not what you expected it may just turn out better.

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