fastonetime aka Juan Martin

bigred(z8 Ark.)June 7, 2012

Once again I let my plant lust override my hard and fast rule NOT to trade w/ someone I didn't have a good trade history with or at least,they had at least 5 positive R&R.

Took about a week o firm up a trade with this person for some choice plant material. Mailed out my end of trade on May 29,2012 w/ confirmation. After 9 days of hearing nothing more...I emailed to inquire if they had received plants and when I could expect them to send their end only to receive curt email that their daughter had been diagnosed w/ asthma and they had dr. and medical bills to pay and being that their daughter was their main concern,wouldn't/couldn't afford to send their end. That's all well and good but since I am a retired person on a fixed income and a husband w/ medical problems,I can ill afford to ship something for nothing myself.

So I hope your daughter does well but I also hope I don't see you back on the boards trying to set up any more trades.

Juan Martin is not this person real name which should have set off more warning bells when I received email with yet another name.


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Peggy, what is the name and address you used to MAIL these plants out? This is MAIL FRAUD and carries hefty penalties. Did you get a confirmation that it had been delivered to a real address? If so, get ahold of your State's Attorney and file a complaint. They can get at least your postage back.

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This "trader" is still at it. Similar experience but only for cost of seeds in September. You are correct I thought it strange when a different name was sent for the mailing address. I added a note on post so others would be aware. There was no response to the email I sent in followup. Grateful for all the wonderful trades- and traders- that came before I encountered this person. Sorry.

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

greengirl...sorry to hear that. If I see her posting again,I will not hesitate to warn people on her post. Please let me know if you see her on here again.Is she still posting under fastonetime/Juan Martin or using another screen name?

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