Dividing Alstromeria

alexi637July 13, 2010

I have had my Alstromeria in a fairly large pot, 16", for a number or years. It was neglected for about a year and I have been trying to bring it back for the last 6 months with regular watering, good placement and the like. It has had VERY few blooms this spring and summer so I decided to divide it up. Inside the pot there was more soil than I expected and then a large quantity of plump tubers.

So, my question is, do I plant a few handfuls of the tubers into new soil or how does this work? There are very few CLUMPS of tubers, mostly loose tubers. They are nice and plump; soil was nicely damp.

I am in Northern California by the coast (Santa Cruz) and have this in a half day sunny location where it has done well previously.

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place about a 3rd of the best tubers in a pot & cover..... flowering will come after a year of virerous growth to build suggars in the bulb

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I have had very poor results starting from tubers with no part of the crown material. From a 16 inch pot you should have a lot of crown and be able to get at least 10 divisions. I am in the midst of dividing mine, now that the first bloom is through. Al

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