placing mint leaves for animal deterrent

x207July 9, 2013

this isn't exactly on topic but I don't plan to grow mint plant in the garden. its more to get extra info before I have to deal with any possible mint plant takeover.

my parent's garden is subjected to digging episodes by either skunks or raccoons. the garbage cans have on occasion been opened and we've seen skunks sulking around a few times. its been like that for 3 years and luckily they only attack a small corner where few if no plants a there. our neighbors had 50% dug up overnight once.

im thinking of buying dried mint leaves (crushed) and placing them in the soil of the affected areas. will I need to take precautions to avoid having mint leaves growing roots?

if it works for that tiny area, are they liable to go dig up the untouched areas of the garden or just find a different location to go digging? my parents like very much the unaffected areas where 90% of the plants are located.

my parents don't particularly mind them chosing a small patch of garden but they still would rather see the animals chose a different location off the property to forage.

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I am afraid I don't think this plan stands a chance of working. Dried mint leaves will not put off any animal imo and I fear you would be wasting your money. Besides which if the leaves are mixed in the soil they will decay in no time.

But mint will not grow from dried leaves. It can only grow from stems or roots and even then not if they are totally dehydrated. So you have nothing to lose except the cost of the mint and your time.

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thank you very much for the reply. my next option is a large plastic pot but I don't think my parents would like the look of a put sticking out of the surface.

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