Russian Sage

seedpickerJuly 27, 2006

Can Russian Sage be propagated by cuttings? I tried and they seem to rot?

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take one of the lower branches, bend and lay the whole branch on the ground. secure with a brick, rock, wire, etc. forget about it for a few months. will most likely root itself. works with hydrangeas.

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I have also tried to propate Russian sage from cuttings and they just brown and rot. I broke down and bought a RS plant but I'd like to have more.

Has anyone had luck with RS cuttingss?


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My Russian Sage seems to send of shoots of new growth, I usually dig those out in the spring and plant them where I want them, keep them well watered until they take hold. They don't do a lot until the next spring!

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All I have is cuttings. If one cannot propagate RS from cuttings, then of course I will have to break down and buy one.
Just thought I'd ask the question.

Happy Gardening,

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Updated Information. Patience required. All my cuttings have rooted using plant hormone, placing in pot, and by keeping pan underneath filled with water. Now I have 5 strong plants.

I will plant in the garden in October.


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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

I started with 2 Russian Sages two years ago. Now have a dozen or more. Last year I moved them because they didn't seem to be doing well where I put them. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had multiplied.

This spring I moved them again and I had more. Next spring I will divide again so I have enough to fill my curbside bed. I have one large one that will go in a new bed by the drive at the curb. Mine make lots of babies ; )

My neighbor is so jealous because the bees appear as soon as RS begins to bloom and they are in my yard until frost; he wants them on his veggies! I told him to plant RS to encourage them to visit his yard.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I am experimenting with cuttings now. I have much difficulty sterilizing with bleach. I haven't tried other sterilizing techniques yet. So, as others have mentioned above, most specimens rot.

I can only get the lower part of the branch with the rough bark to root. I have not gotten the upper smooth bark to root yet.

When I do get roots they start to grow rather fast.

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I've managed to get them to root using stem tip cuttings with rooting hormone in sand for a medium and in a jar of water. You can even stick the hardwood cuttings in the ground over the winter and have new plants ready for spring. Hardwood takes longer than stem tip cuttings but works!

Here is a link that might be useful: Russian sage cuttings

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I've had mixed results: the first batch I took last year (tip cuttings, .8%IBA, mist) did great-90% in 4 weeks. The second set I took a month later only had about 40%. As with most plants, timing seems to be a key component. Try again!

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Mid to late spring seems to work best for the softwood cuttings but you can just stick hardwood cuttings in the ground during late winter and many of them will root.

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when you are rooting RS, would you try for full sun or part sun?

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