An unsuspecting surprise

Rustacator(9B)July 16, 2013

4 months later I was gonna fix my seedling cage and here is what i found...

Bottom left - Butch T

Top right - Brain Strain Y

Top left "left of brain strain" - White Hab

Now the question is how do I get the Butch T out of the self watering seedling tray? I know its rooted to the water pad but don't want to damage roots too much and i know it over watered and malnutrition... even tho it dont look like it . Some pics has a sun glare off leaves btw... here are some more pics of problem

any ideas?


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If you don't mind losing that cup, I'd cut the plastic and pull it out. That way you can get a better idea of what you're dealing with. It's obvious that it wants to live. I think as long as you're gentle with it you'll be okay. Good Luck!


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I'd guess it has all kinds of roots through the drain hole.
Most times they are small enough you can VERY carefully feed them through the drain hole.
I just loosen the main plug and with a gentle pull feed the roots through the drain as i pull the plant out of the cell.

A plant that got that big with no attention is not going to be slowed down by a little root damage.
The smaller plant looks easy to just treated as usual.
Loosen the cell and pull it up.

I use 9 cell incerts for my 72 cell trays.
I like them a lot.
I just have to mess with a 9 cell tray instead of a 72 cell one that is full of sprouts...

Inserts for bigger trays are a pain.
A couple of 9 celled ones in the same container is WAY easier.
I get my smaller celled stuff at the $.99 cent store-pack of 5 (i think) for a buck + tax.
Much easier to deal with.
They fill a 54 or 72 cell tray(any combination of 9 cells).Then there is always cutting them up,if need be.

The link is to small starter trays that take the same room as a big tray but I only have to deal with smaller trays when Annuums or whatyever seed grows faster than the rest.

Here is a link that might be useful: I use these too.

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