virginia creeper, lilac and an un named tree/over grown bush

maidinmontanaJuly 12, 2007

I have all of these in my yard thanks mostly to my neighbor whom I sahre a fence with. I like all of the above mentioned and would like to try rooting cuttings or suckers from them. I already cut some from the overgrown bush and stuck it in water it wilted the first day, but that was before I read here and what to do. How do you do virginia creeper sucker/stem cutting? lilac, how do you dig the suckers when it is against a fence? And here is a pic of the mystery bush hopefully someone will recognize it. TIA to any and all.

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zozzl(z9 FL)

Somebody on another post about rooting in water said they rooted virginia creeper in a glass of water in about 3 days.

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The pictures are not accessible. Go into your album and click on the HTML tag under your picture. Come back here and paste that into this message. When you preview your message, you should see the picture.

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here is a pic of the bush, still haven't been able to root from cuttings. I don't know what kind of bush/shrub it is.

close up


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Ok, now we can see the pictures! Do you remember it having any flowers on it? If so, can you describe them (color, shape, single/clusters)?

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Nope, no flowers. It just grows and grows. I trimmed it and stuck the cuttings in water but they dried up and never did show roots.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Virginia creeper is very easy to start from seed. There are berries on mine now, and when they've dried on the vine, I'll collect the berries and peel the berry off the seeds and wintersow them (see the wintersowing forum). The one time I tried to transplant several plants, they all wilted and died within hours, it seemed.


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