Chocolate Habanero

densiemillJuly 7, 2014

My first time growing the chocolate hab...what should I expect? I always grow the red scotch bonnet and the yellow hab but just decided to try something taste similar?

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Beautiful pepper! I can't tell you about the taste. I tried to grow Chocolate Habs for the first time this year. I now have red peppers........oh well. Let us know how you like the taste when you try it.


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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Very nice pod!
I thought I was growing a chocolate habanero but when they started to turn orange, I knew I got screwed with those ebay seeds. I will never buy any seeds ever from ebay again.
I have a trusted source now.


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Nice pod. I am growing RED and ORANGE. The next year I will try the choc.
Yeah, tell us please hot it taste .

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Very nice pepper! I have two pods that turned today. This is my first year growing them as well but I would like to hear your review on them.

Tim- I would be willing to send you seeds just send me a PM. That is such a bummer.

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I have two chocolate hab plants going right now myself- they have a pleasant smokey flavor, and heatheatheat

stoneys_fatali, i thought I had three plants going, actually, but one had bumpy pods with scorpion tails, and they're ripening red

I have no idea what I have, but they look dangerous

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I have several plants and picked 15 pods yesterday and brought them to our, "hot pepper night" we have every Monday night, at a local establishment. They do have a smoky taste, and they are hot, but very mellow compared to Douglahs, which are intensely hot. I don't like habs in general as fresh pods, and these are about the same for me, but when these are fried, it's a whole different situation. These pods were sliced and then fried with slices of onions and everything caramelized together and the peppers are sweet with a bit of a bite. I know a few people who grow lots of different types of peppers and think this is one of their favorites for using in cooking. That is why I started them up and I am glad I did. Most of the peppers I grow are much hotter, but sometimes a more mellow heat is preferred.

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Nice looking pod... Is your mouth watering yet? I tried my first chocolate habs this year... The taste is outstanding... Nothing like the store-bought orange habs. The chocolates have an outstanding flavor. Mine didn't seem smoky like others have commented, but did have a crisp, citrusy flavor. I'm saving seeds and plan to grow them again, but lots more than 1 plant!

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Ohmigosh my mouth is watering. Will try my first one tomorrow.

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