Monarda rooting... easy to do???

klaire2001(PA)July 13, 2006

My husband has cut me off from buying new plants... so desperate times call for desperate measures! :-)

Has anyone has luck with Monarda (bee balm) ... in willow water? Can I use sand medium and water with willow? Or do i need to do straight water.

Any if anyone is in York County, PA and has natives I could clip for rooting... please let me know.

- Claire

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The water vs. soil debate goes on, but if you will put some cuttings in potting soil and keep them moist and in the shade, they will root. Water roots are useless in soil. Make sure that at least two leaf nodes are buried, and that there are at least two leaf buds and preferably leaves above soil level.

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patrick_nh(z4/5 NH)

I don't know if Monarda will root easily or not. I suspect, yes, but my question is, why would you need to? It's such a fast spreader, that if you you have access to some cuttings, surely the owner can provide even a few small root sections, which is all you'll need. I've divided second year plants to share, and I've still had more than I needed the next year.

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Monardas root easily but divide even better - If you take very small divisions (they are constantly popping up new shoots with roots), you can easily get 20 or more from one plant, possibly without overly disturbing the parent plant! Just dig out the shoots at the edges of the plant - spring is the best time to do this. Good luck!

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