Propagating Blackberries from stem 'cuttings?'

ourfamilygarden(6)July 20, 2006

Hi. We have wild blackberries in our backyard. They are grown in my herb garden. Our lawn guy came today, and took his hedgeclippers and cut down a couple of large healthy ones that would have produced wonderful fruit for next year! He then tossed them on top of my herbs.

My ? is: Will these branches root if I dip them in rooting hormone and in soil? Any advice on the best way to help them to successfully root?


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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

I think blackberries are easier propagated by root cuttings. Not sure whether the canes will root.


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what is a "root cutting" specifically?

thank you,

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Hmmmm? I never heard of propagatiing them by root cuttings. Interesting. We've had them for years in our yard, and they grow from the seeds that drop off. But, since some of them were so butchered, I wanted to try to save the branches that were cut down.

Pb, here is an interesting site that explains root cuttings:

I have taken a lot of the branches and put them in 1 part top soil/1 part sand mixture. They were already shriveling up. They wilt very quickly when cut. I hope they will root.

Just as an added note, I did find another site that recommended tip cutting for blackberries:

Of course, that will not help me under these circumstances.

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cool! Can't wait to try root cuttings for lots of plants.

thank you.

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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

Bear in mind that all plants will not grow from root cuttings, or will be VERY difficult to grow, at least.

Also, often, plants grown from root cuttings will not be identical to the parent plant, as is the case in stem cuttings.

I suppose what I am talking about cutting in blackberries is the underground runners. This is how blackberries spread, and do it with a vengence in many cases. I am not sure now if these runners are stems or roots, but we cut them and move them, in any case.


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