thank you Bruce

robeb_gwJuly 26, 2012

I started several naga seeds back in February, sent to me from our generous fellow pepper lover Bruce (esox07). All germinated and I gave a few of the seedlings away to friends.

Now here in my area, the high temps have been in the triple digits for 3 weeks straight. My pepper plants are deep green, tall and bushy, but have dropped almost all blossoms. I did get one ripe fatali a couple of weeks ago and have one green bhut pod that has been taking its sweet time.

Two days ago one of the friends I gave seedlings to said he had a ripe naga, asked if I'd like to try it with him. We chopped it up and began to taste.

What great flavors! Citrus taste followed quickly with considerable heat.

My favorite hot pepper until now has been the fatali, but this naga is a contender. Going to be great in pots of chili, spag sauces, and salsas.

Again...thanks Bruce.

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Very Welcome robeb. Glad you enjoy them. Mine dropped hundreds of blooms last year too in the heat. But once they start setting, they will be all over the place. I had two plants that I got at least 150 pods off each. The season ended up here before all of the second round got fully ripe but you should have more time than I did.

By the way, thanks for the update.

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