Scotch Bonnet Red

wayrightJuly 23, 2006

I recently ordered some "Jamaican"Scotch bonnet red seeds ,And I am growing this really huge looking pepper that isnt shaped at all like a scotch bonnet,Do you guys think that this is a deformed pod?,or maybe not a scotch bonnet at all? I only grew four seeds and the other plants arent setting yet but the plants look similar.


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john47_johnf(Maine z4/5)

I have had some problems with those too. I did a grow out of various seeds and this link shows pictures of the results from some of them.

Scotch Bonnet,True--correct shape and species--C. chinense

Scotch Bonnet, S.B. Jamaican Yellow-RIHOP, and S.B. Jamaican Red correct species-- C. chinense -but with various pod shapes

Scotch Bonnet,Yellow-Nichols --2 years- wrong shapes and wrong species--these are C. annuum

S.B. Yellow-Jurgen-Redwood and the other two Redwood are all C. annuum

Your's look like some of my C. annuums

Here is a link that might be useful: S.B. or Not

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you have a truly amazing database of pics!!I have had it saved on my desktop for several months, kudos to you!
my mouth waters when I look at your pics, even the flowers make me salivate!To think about ten years ago I thought that I was a master chilihead growing 7 varieties! LOL (I thought that was ALL the peppers in the world!)Thanks to a nursery in Atl."Hastings" (now closed) and the internet, I got hooked on savina red about 7 years ago...I now grow 10 solid fav's every year and about 5 - 10 different ones each year.You had mentioned that my peppers look like c. annum,which kind do you think they look closest to? I also got mine from REDWOOD. Im guessing thats why you labeled them jamaican red S.B. "REDWOOD".

Here is a link that might be useful: Johns pics Rock!

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He has so wayright.!!!!!!!

Its the best collection and best photographed i have ever seen world wide on the planet earth.!!!!

Maybe on another planet there is someone better than him at growing peppers/

But would be hard to find.


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john47_johnf(Maine z4/5)

Thank you both for the nice comments. It has got kind of out of hand. My wife thinks I have lost my mind.


Your pepper looks like either the version from Nichols Seeds or the Redwood Seeds version that I got from a German friend-Jurgen. I suspect Nichols had the same source as Redwood. Notice , also, the difference in pod shape from the same seed batch from Nichols over two years.

When I pointed out the problem to Redwood they did send me new seeds for this year. I will post results later on.

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My other plants from the same seed pack is turning out like they are supposed to..

and the other unknown pepper is getting even bigger!

I cant wait to taste the big ones!!

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