Eriocactus lenginghausii reproduction

jillmcl(6 Ozarks)July 18, 2009

I have what I have tentatively identified as an Eriocactus Leninghausii or Magnificus. My husband bought it at Wal-Mart about 5 years ago. It is now +- 8 in tall and globular. It/she has flowered 3 times, twice last year. This year there are no blooms BUT there are what appear to be little plants where the blooms were last year. I need to know how to treat these. Should I cut them off and then plant them? Should I leave them alone? Will they fall off and make new plants?

Thanks for any help.


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These are pups & will increase in size... after reachs 1/8 inch or more in dia. then set on the surface. keep the well drained soil damp & roots will form giving new plants to share

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jillmcl(6 Ozarks)

Thank you! I am a novice at this so please don't laugh. These "pups" are about round as a US quarter, like a large marble. Do I cut them off flush from the mother? Will it hurt her?

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