propagation of Agustache

shannonJuly 9, 2005

I have several really nice Agustache and would like to do cuttings but am having no luck. Anyone out there who can help?

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Try pulling a long stem to ground and letting it root before cutting it from main plant. I've also had good luck with finding seedlings around main plant - especially in dry mulch areas nearby.

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AgastacheMan(z7 CA)

What kind of Agastache? I find that foeniculum, rugosa, neomexicana and schrophularia are best raised my seed. Barberi, cana, astromontana, and aurantica cultivars and specie can be propagated by taking internodal cuttings, and applied with humidity, water, and a rooting compound. You will have some propagate better than others, so experiment. I have been growing for about 15 years, both professionally and for my own enjoyment.

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High winds have taken one of my newly planted Agastache x 'Ava' right off at the root base. The plant had grown about 2 ft. Does anyone know if it will come back from the roots & can I propagate what broke off& if so how do I go about that? thanks.....

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