My New to Plumeria Group Intro

georgeccAugust 2, 2012

Hi, I just joined your club and wanted to give a brief intro. After living in apartments most of my life, I finally bought my first house with the requirement of a large yard (large by Southern California standards at least) in Simi Valley, California. The yard area has flat land and a hill, all of which were pretty barren when I moved in (there were actually plastic flowers inserted into the soil - and I'm not talking about Plastic Pink!). I've since added well over a hundred trees and bushes, including a number of tropical palms like the Flamethrower and the Teddy Bear (even a Brazilian Tower Tree or two). Late last year, I saw a plumeria and I thought, "you know, it would be nice to add one of those".

All who've been there I'm sure are laughing now. Yeah, just one. Well, 9 months later I have over thirty plumeria and am thinking of what big tree I can move to make space for more. It's an addiction and I need help, and I'm sure I'm not going to get it from this group, who probably consider 30 trees a light dabble in the plumeria world (how many of you have 100 or more?).

My first plumerias didn't do so well. I thought I'd give them some shade and lots of water. Once I learned the unexpected benefits of neglect, things have been going great. Even the pitfalls have been interesting. Once a bloom opened, I realized my Maui Beauty is likely not a Maui Beauty, but it's so gorgeous that I don't mind one bit. I bought a 12 foot Mardi Gras tree from a man an hour and a half away in Anaheim. We had it planted in my yard within 3 hours of his removing it from his. Unfortunately for me and the three other Southern Californians I know who have this "Mardi Gras", one day I saw a real Mardi Gras. I do not have a Mardi Gras. But it's gorgoeus nonetheless and it barely dropped a leaf or a flower since the transplant a month ago, and is blooming beautifully. It may be a Lani's Beauty, but I'm being more careful about telling everyone what I have this time! I also bought a cutting on eBay for a "Blue Hawai", then found out that plumerias don't come in blue (I was told that the pic on the ad is likely Photoshopped). I'll make sure to put up a photo here one day when the first flower opens. Likely it will be beautiful, too, regardless of what the heck it is. I guess it's like having kids - you never know what you're going to get exactly, but you'll love them none-the-less. Luckily with plumerias, even other people will think your "kids" are beautiful!

Here's my list (the ones with the asterisks, as in the Baseball Hall of Fame, are ones that may be or may not be legit): Jeanne Moragne (qty 2), Katie Moragne, Kauka Wilder and Teresa Wilder, Pop's Red*, Celadine (3), Lani's Beauty*, Mardi Gras (this one is real), Kaneohe Sunburst, Loretta, Mela Matson, Cerise, Hilo Beauty (2), Maui Beauty*, California Sunset, Premium Rainbow, Daisy Wilcox grafted with Yellow Rainbow, Bridal White, Grove Farm (2), Sundance, San Germaine, Blue Hawai*?*, Aztec Gold and "Hollywood Mystery" (3), which I named such because I bought them from a man in Hollywood and it was a mystery to him what they were. I've since seen a Thai variety called 4408, which looks quite a lot like Hollywood Mystery. Hmm - mystery solved? Time will tell.

I've divided my yard-in-progress into 6 themed areas (I guess one of the side effects of going to DIsneyland so much as a kid): Farmhouse Garden, The West Lawn, The High Country (High Sierra theme), The Swimmin' Hole, The Springs, and The Cliffs! (Na Pali! in Hawaiian). The last three areas are more tropical and have their share of plumerias, although plumerias have creeped in slightly to the other lands! It's sad I want to cut an angled pine tree down from the High Country to add some more sun for a future plumeria hill in Na Pali! There are 5 more pines in The High Country, I tell myself for reassurance.

I've driven to all parts of Southern California for Plumerias - from Ventura to San Diego, which proves I have a problem. From nurseries to Craigslist. Unfortunately, I didn't find this wonderful little plumeria dealer just a few minutes away from me until I have bought most of the plumeria listed here from places hours away (it's Island Plumeria in Northridge - friendly helpful service, great prices (often better than Craigslist), beautiful quality plants. Had I bought there earlier I could have afforded many more plumerias - and actually known what they really were!). I'm off to the South Coast Plumeria Society meeting this Sunday in Huntington Beach, where I will most assuredly exercise all of my discipline and not purchase any plumeria (is that a snicker I hear?).

Except, of course, for my last plumeria purchase for this, my first year with plumerias (stop laughing). I am looking for a 3.5 feet or taller Wildfire. I saw one just the other day and almost fell over. What a knockout beauty!! I have the perfect spot for it overlooking The Swimmin' Hole. If anyone has any tips on how to get one of these without going totally broke, let me know!

Thank you for all the knowledge, discussion and spectacular photos you all have shared on this site, and I've been enjoying since before I joined. Thanks!

George ( I promise to have shorter postings in the future!)

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Welcome my fellow addict!
Tally HO!

I disappear then reappear on this forum, usually hanging out on the Texas forum.

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Welcome George. Your in good hands here. Great info and Great people. Peg

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Welcome SimiDude.
Ask to see Jim Tarvin at the meeting.
I was visiting relatives in Huntington Beach this past week and saw his Craigs listing. He has great plants and a mass of knowledge about plumeria.
You also have Jungle Jacks in Vista.

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George - you will love hanging out around here but just a warning... if you think you have it bad now, then look out! These people are terrible enablers! Or good enablers. Just depends on how you look at it. :)

Thank you for introducing yourself and telling us about your wonderful property and all that you are doing with it. Sounds fantastic!

We need pics!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Welcome to the wonderful world...

: )


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Hi there. Welcome! I enjoyed reading your post. Glad you can join us. And yes you will find some beauties at Jungle Jack's.

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jperilloux(8b LA)

Welcome, George. Long posts are welcome, as long as they are interesting, as yours surely was.

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dpolson37(7a VA)

Loved reading your post George. Now I can't wait to see some photos. Sounds like a visit to your yard would be magical. Pardon the Disney speak.

You got some nice plumerias. I too saw the blue one online. Wouldn't that be nice, but I have a feeling we will only see that kind of blue in orchids.

Big Wave Dave

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Welcome, George! Boy, have you found the right place! Love the sound of your landscape plans, and the way you've named the areas. Have you worked in landscape design before? Can't wait to see photos.

If you got Lani, you ended up with a harder-to-find plumie than Mardi Gras, for those of us in the rest of the US, anyway. Hard to tell, as the flowers of each variety will vary so much in appearance depending on culture and climate.

Your best bet for a big Wildfire will be to put out the word at the SCPS meeting. You've already started with some real winners and we all look forward to seeing your photos soon.

Did I mention we love photos around here?


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

talk to JOhn Tarvin at the SCPS meeting. He has wildfire and so does Bud Guillot but finding a 3.5 foot one will be a challenge. It is a cold sensitive plant and that is something you might consider in your area. I will keep you in mind when I weed out some 7 foot plants in the future. Bill

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thanks Bill, I didn't know it was sensitive. See you learn something new every day! So when I get one I will not plant it in the ground.
Tally Ho!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Oh I didn't now that either Bill. So should I take my Wildfire inside for the winter? She's small enough for me to do that. Thanks!

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Thanks again, Beachplant and pcput.

Printmaster - I'm meeting John Tarvin Sunday, looking forward to a tour of his yard. Bud Guillot (Guillot's Sunset, etc.) is his neighbor not too far away.

Plumeria folk: Question about etiquette - would it be rude to show up at Bud's door with a chainsaw and a pickup and ask if it's okay to take "a few cuttings" - or might that seem excessive? Just asking.

moonie 57 - I'm a pretty bad enabler myself, so I know a bad example when I see it! It still works (me succumbing to the bad example), but I see it!!

Thank you, too, Laura and no-Clue and jperilloux and Big Wave Dave and Bill.

Jen, I may open a thread on plumeria mysteries, see if I can get help in identifying some of the tough ones. Taking pics now! Thanks for all the tips. I plan on taking pics of my yard this weekend and putting them up very soon. Don't expect too much - I've lived here less than 2 years and it's all a work in progress. But I have some interesting trees and ideas I'd love to share with you guys. So pics are coming, I promise.

Bill - thanks for the info on Wildfire. I was going to put her in the ground (once I found one). Now I'll keep it in a pot in the ground, and move it when necessary. I'm starting to put together my winter plan. My previous winter plan was very light, as I didn't know we were having two extremely mild winters (I've only experience two). This year I'm getting the blankets and Christmas lights, and moving into the sunroom, and maybe building a greenhouse - it's serious. Not that I expect it to get too cold - but I rather be prepared. I almost break down when I accidentally damage an inflo - imagine what would happen if I lost a whole plant! There would be a funeral and procession.

One bit of bad news: I have a spectacular 4 foot Jeannie Moragne that's been blooming like crazy. I also have a 6.5' foot one that I've been waiting to bloom. I like the Jeannie so much that I put the big one right in the middle of the yards as a centerpiece, between two Cuban Royal Palms. Today it finally opened!...

Not a Jeannie. I kind of feel like Charlton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes.

So I may be looking for a big Jeannie, too. Thanks to Bill and his info, though, I may only need a small Wildfire to keep in a pot, instead of the large one I initially intended to get.

I'll post a pic of my Jeannie imposter in a mysteries thread. It's rounder and more of a deep rose color and very beautiful.... wait, I can't fall in love again. Not so soon! I need a large Jeanne Moragne! And Wildfire - quick!

Thanks all for making me feel welcome. Pics coming soon.

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And Bill, yes, please feel free to think of me when you need to weed out 7-foot plants! Two Christmases in one year? Yes sir!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


I think you will fit in quite well..LOL!!

Showing up at Bud's house with a chainsaw? He would just smile ...

Nice gentleman as well as John!!

Have fun and look at John's palms again for me. Love those!! He has quite a collection and most are from seed. I was quite impressed!!! I also am a Palm lover..

I can't wait for pics!!



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I was going to say showing up for cuttings with a chainsaw and a U-Haul, but as I see this group values moderation ;) I said a chainsaw and a pickup truck.

I love palms, too, so this should be an extra treat.


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I was going to say showing up for cuttings with a chainsaw and a U-Haul, but as I see this group values moderation ;) I said a chainsaw and a pickup truck.

Just spewed my diet coke everywhere! LOL

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Bud is a nice man... but I don't know... I would feel funny asking. Now if he offers and I don't already have then I will take a cutting. Actually, I changed my mind I will NOT take a cutting because I will just kill it. So no more cuttings for me folks. I'm sticking w/ just rooted plants from now on.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


We all would never ask... I think Simi was just joking. Bud is the kind of person that you are just happy to meet. Most of us know that you never ask for a cutting. The best way to receive a cutting is when one is offered..

ALl of the Plumeria lovers here know never to take someones else's property.. That is the one thing that is a no no...

Simi.. We all know you were joking!!!

Funny though.. I would do that to Bill! LOLOL!! Trucks... Uhaul....

Back hoe too! : )

Have fun and please take pics!!

Tell Bud and John I said hello!!

Take care,


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I was definitely joking. Some people have offered me cuttings and I've gladly taken them, but I wouldn't knock on a nice old man's door with a chainsaw and U-Haul and ask for cuttings. Now if they ask me for help in their plumeria tree trimming - that's another thing!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Ok lol... I was going to say! Sorry I am such a dork!

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