Walking iris plantlets

kateanne(11)July 26, 2013

Is it possible to propagate a walking iris from a plantlet that is cut before rooting?
There are some pretty yellow ones at my work that have many many plantlets, and I would like to take some home. (I have permission from the groundskeeper to take cuttings of the plants)

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If someone could come up with a way NOT to propagate walking Iris, I hope they will post it here - these are a menace in my yard!!!

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Hah! I have heard that. I will be growing them in pots, I just have a concrete lanai, no real garden. But only a small portion on my lanai gets full sun where most of my plants are clustered right now, so am trying to collect plants that tolerate indirect light and shade.

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jacqueinthegorge(USDA 8 / Sunset 5)

Hi Kateanne, I started my walking iris from an unroofed plantlet. No trouble at all, just plant it in damp potting soil and keep it in a well-lit space, but no direct sun until it has good roots. Mine lives permanently in a pot.

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