springhill nurseries ok?

jeanr(6)February 28, 2009

would like to hear the good, bad or ugly on this vendor. thanks!

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nancy_drew(5 nw chgo burbs)

Wonderful! Every purchase has gone smoothly, prompt delivery, and on my second small order I got a freebie! I would order from them again without reservation!

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

You may want to read some of these other reviews on them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Springhill Nursery discussions

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No. I disagree. The plants they send are tiny - probably plugs and given the size of the plants, their price is very high. I was interested in purchasing a specific type of bamboo from Springhill Nursery this year and after realizing that they were sending it in a 2.5" pot, I opted out. Not for $ 36.00!

I don't appreciate receiving an entire garden in a 2'x2' box.

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davesgarden.com has a review of this vendor.

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mojo777(6 PA)

I posted elsewhere about a problem I had trying to cancel a single item from a fairly large order that wasn't scheduled to ship for three weeks. They refused to do so, claiming it was already processed. They moved up the ship date a week--but that still left a week before shipping to remove the item. Now after reading some of the other posts here, I'm afraid to see what will turn up in my mail when they finally ship. They lost my future business over a $5 item. Too bad their customer policies aren't as nice as their catalogs.

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Purchased 6 canna lilly bulbs, only 2 germinated. Wanted to sell me maybe some good bulbs @ half price plus shipping. Tell me what should I do if the next set are just as bad? Buy some more. Only a fool would buy from these guys.

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leafy02(6 Central Kentucky)

This year was my first experience ordering from them. I placed my order and was given a shipping date about three weeks away. Hmmm. Why so long, I wondered, but okay.

A week later, they moved the shipping date back another MONTH, and into a time period when we would be out of town. So, basically two months to get plants, and then (if I was even home) plant them when it's quite hot outside, so they can stress out and die? No, thanks.

So I emailed customer service, and got a standard reply about plants being backordered. No response to the part about how I would not be here to receive the plants.

The very next day, I got the 4,235th reminder via email that I could save $25 by ordering NOW!!!!!!

I sent them an email asking why on earth I would buy more from them when they can't send me what I already ordered?

Voila! Two days later my plants were in the mail and arrived safe and sound, before the original ship date!

So, you can look at that as poor service, or as good service, depending on your perspective. My plants were in great shape, and no smaller than I expected for mail-order.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

I have ordered from them for years and yes I have had a few problems but they have always, ALWAYS made it right with me. My order this year came right on time everything except one honeyberry tree are doing great and the replacement came in 2 weeks. I love there collections, there Iris are stunning as are many others I have ordered and am still enjoying them today. I like that I can order and pay after it arrives. So I know everything is in good order! If it is not I let them know asap and they take care of it.

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I won't buy from them again. About six years ago I ordered yellow lilacs from them, when they bloomed they were the usual lilac color. Unfortunately I hadn't kept the paperwork. I ordered again,vowing to keep the paperwork, they bloomed this spring (third year), still only the lilac color. When I find the paperwork I will contact them and tell them what I think of their lilacs.

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I ordered two roses from Springhill, received one rose I did not order. I called customer service. A very nice young man agreed to send me, at separate times, the two roses I had ordered. I ended up getting three roses for the price of two, and Springhill had to pay for shipping for two separate shipments. I don't understand how they stay in business.

So, yes they "made it good", but this incident upset my planting schedule, which in zone 5a is no small consideration. And, frankly, I object to supporting incompetence; how hard can it be to read the name of a plant when placing it in a box?

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They are terrible. I placed an order in June, and in September less than half of it has been delivered (why would I plant spring annuals in fall??). Of the half that was delivered, about half of it grew at all. The plants were tiny, packed poorly, and not at all what was promised. Contacting them did little; via phone, they were nice but not helpful, and emails got multiple copies of the packing promises. Very disappointing experience overall.

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Plants we received from them were in poor shape and not worth the price. Ended up ordering from a vendor we'd never heard of (the name escapes me now) whose plants were much cheaper, double the size of Springhill's, and in much better condition. Not what I remembered from them years ago (their quality used to be better). I would not recommend, go with someone else.


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