Too late for Boxwood cuttings?

nberg7(z7NC)July 9, 2005

Not a newbie to propagation, but a newbie to boxwood cuttings here...

I'd really like to propagate some boxwood so that I can plant it and start a low hedge next year. Is it too late in the year to start this project in your expert opinions? If it takes root, do I need to keep it under the lights during the winter months, or if they develop a good enough root system between now and Fall should I plant outside in place? Also- I read to take about a 4 inch cutting, root it in builder's sand- so I strip it of most of the leaves or just leave them all intact? Thanks for any input.

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Tom_w(Z7 - Ala)

Cuttings now will do fine under mist or poly tent. Remove most of the leaves, use 1000 ppm IBA, in 50/50 peat/perlite. Transplant to small pots when rooted, and winer outdoors.

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Much thanks Tom for the info, and I'll post pictures if I ever get this thing started and going the way I have it planned out.

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aray(Z5 On Can)

nberg7, I was wondering how your boxwood cuttings turned out and if you have any tips???

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rowan57(Z8 UK Nr Leeds)

I Know this thread is a bit old but i'd like to share my technique for taking box cuttings:
When pruning the box bushes i keep every single bit that i cut off in a bucket of cold water until i have finished pruning (a few hours only of course) then i prep a seed tray to about 1 1/2 inches deep with normal soil, pick all the nice healthy bits out of the bucket + sow them as close together as possible for maximum numbers. I do this in may/june/july and then dont touch them apart from watering until the following spring when i repot them into individual pots, this way i get maybe 95% success rates.

P.s. another tip, the cuttings that turn orange-ish and dont put on any top growth for a while seem to produce the biggest rootballs.


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Thanks for the info rowan. I really wanted to root some this year but waited to late. Is May, June and July the only good time to take cuttings? If not I guess I'll stop worrying about it until next summer.

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Sorry I didn't get back to this thread sooner! I made several trays of cuttings, tented them and at first I paid close attention to them. Then I had a steady stream of houseguests and my attention fell elsewhere and the temps got really high here. So- I had 100% failure. But...I haven't given up and will try again. Since I do most of my propagation during the late Fall and Winter under the lights, I'm going to give it another twirl, and hopefully I'll get them to "take," along with some mandevilla cuttings (neither of which I've done before.) I promise this time to let y'all know how they grow!

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MarionMI(z5 Ks)

I know this is an old thread but can Boxwood cuttings be taken now. I live in central Kansas (Lyons)

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I've rooted boxwood cuttings taken in about every month. Found sand or sand:peat to be the best medium for rooting. But I'm using a greenhouse setting and an automatic mist table

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