dying plants,growing wiegela and trees in a pot?

mac62July 8, 2009

I have again tried to transplant a good sized Rose of Sharon,another unknown type bush-variegated. A magnolia tree. I used top soil bought from lowes with miracle grow soil to put around them. I have kept them watered. They are not looking like they are going to make it.suggestions?

2nd question. a japonica,wiegelia,smoke tree, can these be placed in large pots? or transplanted? (I will be moving in a few years.)

3rd question. I would like to get some offshoots of some oak leaf hydrangea of my mothers plants-suggestions on the best course for their success?

Thank you all for your help and suggestions as my thumb seems to be a bit brown right now.

mac 62

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I'm no expert, so these are just tips:)

Changing the soil can be stressful on the plant. If you are removing it from the ground, use at least some of the natural soil. "Miracle Grow" is a neat benefit now problem later sort of product. Some of the nutrients are fantastic, but some varieties of soils and foods contains hormones that encourage fast growth which only cause weakness later. I like to get a simple B complex and regular compost (I use my horses for that), peat moss, and perlite. None of this means the soil is your problem, to that question I honestly don't know the answer.

When taking shoots, get as much root as possible. But, not all plants can survive this process. I took 2 shoots from 4 varieties, all were ones I was told could handle being transplanted as root shoots, and only one did well. How about that? I have been told to get 12 inches or more of root. So, be prepared to get down, dig slowly and carefully, and for it to take a while:) If you get enough root even if the parent plant dies off the roots will send you more shoots in the near future. One of the shoots I took that made it is now 5 lil trees. I will soon have to decide which one to keep and which ones to pluck! Finally, choose the smallest shoots. The roots you get will be more likely able to support and feed/water a small plant during the critical first few months after transplant.

You can also try taking cuttings. That is, take the shoot and leave the roots. If the shoot has grown this year it will be comprised of nice green wood. Remove all but the top one or two leaves, cut the wood just at the lowest node (leave the node intact) and set the stem in water. I leave them in water for 48-72 hours before starting the next step. But you can skip the water step all together, it's a matter or preference and method. Injure the end of the stem lightly by taking just a shaving of bark off one side. Then dip the stem into a rooting hormone compound like Rootone. Plant the stem in a light weight soil. I use 33/33/33 mix of perlite, peat moss, and sand. But 50/50 perlite and peat moss is a good mix too. Wet the soil before adding the stem, and cover the plant in plastic.

I like to take 10 stems from one plant, trim them, do the water phase, dip them in rooting hormone, then plant them in one large pot. I then put a plastic jug from my kid's apple juice over the pot to work as a mini green house. The point is too keep the plant moist but not soggy so it stays wet but doesn't mold. Also, keep them indoors until they are well established. Extreme heat will just plain dry them out.

I'm sorry I didn't answer your second question, I just don't know the answer:) Hope the rest of this helps!

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thank you!!

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