just given a cutting as gift and need advice please

joshuac1v8(6b-Lower Mid TN)August 10, 2014

I just recieved 3 plumeria cuttings appr 12 to 14 inches long. They were given as a gift from my sister who just got back from Hawaii. Ive been reading up on getting them rooted and im already a big user of Al's gritty mix, which is what I'll prob use to pot them.
My main concern is im not sure if i should try potting them up now or possible keeping them through winter because of where I live (only about 2 1\2 months of hot weather left). They also have a wax coating at the base and im not sure if i should cut this off when time to plant or just leave it on??
Like i said im a complete newbie to plumeria's and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Peel off the wax coating and determine whether or not they are callused. If it is well callused, then go ahead and pot it up. You can use this forum's search function to find the answers to almost any question you would have. A good place to start would be about callusing. Then, you're going to be soooo hooked! :)

PS, for most cuttings, it would be too long a period to try and hold them over until spring for planting.

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joshuac1v8(6b-Lower Mid TN)

thanks for the advice moonie, ive taken on the wax and not sure about what the callous should look like so going to do a lil research.

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