Peppers Are Not Doing Well

achang89(Z6)July 13, 2014

I planted a few kinds of hot peppers, Jalapeno, Habanero and others. For some reasons, they are not doing well. I do not see insects. They are watered well. In general, they do not well grow much, leaves coming off often. They set fruits, but not many. Here is a picture:

The front are Habanero, back is Jalapeno.

Do you think they need more water? Or the clay soil is the problem? I grew some peppers last year and they did much better than this year. Not sure what I can do now.

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Try some Miracle Grow Tomato fertilizer. Mix a tablespoon per gallon of water and pour it around and on the plants. The leaves absorb nutrients too. It's called a "drench." Needs a couple of weeks before you'll see results.

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If you use too much nitrogen, your next posts will be about flower drop.

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From reading some forums, it appears the new clay soil bed is to blame. It certainly does better after a long soak from the rain, but not from hose water. It is too late to amend the soil and I'll try to put on more mulch.....

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Actually I was wrong. The clay soil is not to blame. Blame the bugs.

When I touched the plant, a lot of little bugs flew away. They are tiny light colored things, maybe light green or so. Can't tell.

Closeby, I have 3 Greek basil plants and they attract even more bugs. I think some are leaf hoppers or so, the tiny green bugs.

The bugs suck off the leaves. The leaves fall.....

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