Bertazzoni Range-HELP

janine1964March 13, 2007

I am in the process of buying a new range. Its all SO confusing! Its between DCS and Bertazzoni. Can anyone give me some feedback on these...please!!!! I am getting the 36inch 5 or 6 burner. I am driving my husband insane, I keep switching back and forth between the two and I would love some feedback on people that have them so I can make an informed decision. Thanks so much


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I am also planning on purchasing a Bertazzoni 30" stove in stainless steel. My one concern is that the oven does not have a self-cleaning function. I would appreciate any advice on this issue. I envision using the oven about once a month. Thanks much.

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supergirl(z9 SF Bay)

Hi Janine- I think you probably meant to post this over in the home forum, under kitchens. I'm sure you'll get a lot more responses over there. I know people were really helpful when I was getting new appliances last summer.

For what it's worth, I have a DCS and love it. The output is good, the design on the grates is nice, easy to clean, like the rolling racks in the oven. I even like that the lights to indicate that it's on are blue. The only complaint I would have is that you have to put the food quite close to the broiler if you're broiling. If you don't move the rack all the way up, you'll think the broiler is broken. However, with the rack all the way up, it's a scorcher. I did get the self-cleaning oven, I think I've used it once in a year.

Anyway, my advice would be just to pick one and go with it. i was fretting over DCS, Wolf, or Bluestar, and people let me know that any of them would be a good choice. If you're like us, it will be such a change from your old one that you'll be happy regardless! good luck!

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Has anyone had any experience or comments to share about the 48" Bertazzoni range with double ovens? We are renovating and have to make the decision on appliances before we can order cabinets.

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I also am considering getting a Bertazzoni, 48". Did you get one? I read somewhere that in 1 model there was excess heat given off? Has anyone else had this problem? Would love to get more feedback from Bertazzoni Range owners and their experience. thanks CJTBethesda

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Model X496GGGVX - I have two complaints. First, this Range vents HEAT directly out of the front of the Range direct into my kitchen and home via an internal cooling fan. Perhaps a nice feature if you live in a cold or moderate climate, but here in Houston, Texas the enemy is HEAT. You do not find out about this "feature" until the Range is up and running in your home. Second, Bertazzoni refuses to respond to phone calls or e-mails requesting assistance. I do NOT recommend this Range, nor Bertazzoni for that matter.

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NEVER get a Bertazoni! The stove burners are fine (when they work), but the oven is awful. VERY uneven heat, burns part of the food, undercooks the remainder. Heat comes out the front and their customer service is awful. This past spring my unit was just over 2 yrs old. The burners needed new parts. (there are two of us in the household--they should NOT need new parts after 2 yrs) It took 9 NINE weeks to get the parts. Worst purchase of my life!

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We are considering purchasing a 30inch Blue Star range, we have heard that the burner emits A LOT of heat and that it heats up your kitchen too much to use in the summer? Has anyone had that experience?

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Don't waste your money on a Bertazoni, if you have any problems and you will, you have to deal with their customer service, even though I have a service agreement I bought through the local store where I purchased my Bertazoni, I can't use it because Bertazoni sends their own service person out the first year. Their supposedly "service guy" called me and asked what kind of stove was a Bertazoni, he'd never heard of it before. When he got here he refused to touch it until Bertazoni's tech support walked him through it...he called their tech support number and no one answered and no one returned his call. So he left. I've had many promises from the store that Bertazoni was going to call me...three weeks later I still haven't heard from Bertazoni. Stay away from this company!

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I have the 36" range. Beautiful piece of Italian design. World's worst service. Unreturned phone calls, lack of parts, clueless local technicians and I'm in Los Angeles, so heaven help you if you're not in a major metro area.

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I love my range...
But there seems to be really bad design issue with regard to the oven door.
I had a pot of soup on the front right burner when it boiled over and dripped into the vents on the oven door
I tried removing the door but I couldn't figure out how to do that.
The instructions say to call a professional. Is this really necessary?

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LOVE my Bertazzoni, 36inch, stainless, 6-burner!!!! Purchased it as a blow-out floor model and was a little nervous at first. I've had it for 9 months now without issue. Well, when it was delivered, I noticed one of the little black feet had a crack--called Bertazzoni--they sent me 2 replacements within days! For the first week I had it, I called Bertazzoni Cust. Service for every little bit of info I could think of and they were great. If the rep didn't know the answer, they found someone who did. The oven is incredibly consistent. I don't understand how it can be so accurate. I have TWO oven thermometers and this oven is dead on, without fail. As for the vented heat, no problem there, either. I live near Chicago, but our summers get pretty hot, and it never was an issue. In the cases where I've read about excessive heat, I would say that is NOT the norm. I have a very good hood, also. Maybe that helps? It's the Broan with the clock/timer display and "theater lighting" (Evolution QP3 Series) The appliance store recommend one with higher cfms but if you do the calculations, this one is fine. At least once/week I have all 6 burners + oven going and the two work great together.

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