overwintering of new cuttings

markstreesJuly 11, 2010

I have been pretty successful getting cuttings to root,

but i seem to have little luck getting them through the winter here. The first year i wintered them outside in my nursery with a lots of straw mulch and lost most of them. This year i kept them inside in my garage where it is not as bitter, but does get to freezing. Still lost most of them. Any advice on overwintering would be great,



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A cold frame is one possibility the true key to survival is a good root system to start with then harden off the cutting but most of all KEEP THE SOIL DAMP ALL WINTER LONG TILL SPRING.

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I have a beautiful dark red geranium I am planning to overwinter. Should I leave it in it's hanging basket and cut it back or take them out and separate them now? I haven't seen one like this color and that's why I want to save it.

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i plant mine end of sept in veggy garden "had about 200 plants" ,water untill first hard frost/freeze"mid november".Most survived winter
Butterfly bushes,montuak daisys,and wegilia.Most were in 1 gal pots for about 4 to 6 weeks before transplanted ,so they had a pretty good root system going.

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I have a light set-up, actually two, one in the basement, one in a corner of my south-facing attached greenhouse. I overwinter just-rooted roses, clematis, bougainvillea, and others under fluorescents. You have to keep an eye out for pests, especially spider mites. When it's warm in spring I transplant them to slightly larger pots and grow them outdoors. Then they go into the ground or into a cold frame for the second winter.

Hope this helps.


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I have some tree cuttings and seedlings that I plan to overwinter in an unheated garage (zone 5). This may be a bad idea, but would it be wise to protect the seedlings and cuttings by placing them in styrofoam containers during the cold winter months? I could add a bit of snow inside the containers for moisture from time to time.

Anyone tried this or is it a bad idea??


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