Anybody use Nature Hills Nursery?

sbratcherMarch 28, 2012

Nature Hills Nursery (Omana, NE) is one of the few sources that I can find for Mayhaw trees. Has anyone ordered trees from them in the past?



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I used them to buy some grasses a couple of years ago and they sent very healthy specimens which took right off. I was very pleased with them.

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Recommended course of action for any potential customer of Nature Hills Nursery: Find a company with better than a B- BBB rating; one that has a reasonable and fair replacement guarantee and whose customer service can't be defined as "thick as manure and about half as useful".

I placed a late season order for seven roses totaling just over $300, including shipping. Unfortunately, they were dormant upon receipt with dried buds and branched falling off. I couldn't judge if these were going to be healthy plants and of course two of the seven didn't come back. I spoke w/ Bill in customer service who told me I could have two replacements at half price plus shipping. What a rip off. They wanted to charge me $50 to fix their inability to ship healthy plants. Oh, it is June and I was told they also wouldn't ship until "mid-fall".

I have to take some of the blame for the problem above. They have an awful replacement policy and I should have gone to one of the many competing operations that will make it right. Based on the poor plants I received, their lousy customer service and self stacked service policies, each order is a potential disaster and I can't advise anyone wait around for the train to jump the tracks.

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May, 2014, I went online to find 6 mature, well established 1 gallon plants, an decided to order from Nature Hills. Their website makes a statement that " Nature Hills takes pride in delivering the highest quality plant with healthy roots". I should have done my research and read their reviews. The moment my order arrived, I open the box, and immediately went to plant them. The 6 plants I received were liberally taken out of a 3 inch pot, and put into a 1 gallon pot and shipped to me. So I paid shipping charges for 6 gallons of DIRT and paid extra for what I believed would be MATURE plants. I paid $28.95 each for 1 gallon plants, when other sites had 3 inch plants for $12.95. I was willing to pay more for a lager mature plant with more than 3 inches of roots. I took photos of the plants and you could tell the root ball was still in the shape of the 3" square container. When I called to express my disappointment and to have my order shipped back to them, Bonnie told me to just "find them a good home and to take pictures of my plants", so I emailed them to her, and I get a email from the Nursery Manager, Sabrina giving me this excuse, "After reviewing the photos provided by the customer, the grasses shipped and delivered at the size expected. The grasses do ship from our nursery which is an outdoor nursery and not from a greenhouse environment. As a result, this early in the spring season, the plant material will be in the early stages of greening up as we had a brutally cold winter followed by a cooler than normal spring. Some of our plant material is running a bit behind schedule as a result and this is certainly true of the All Gold grasses. However, the root structure is what I would find on a 1 gallon plant grown under similar circumstances and once planted, the grasses should quickly take root and start to develop both above and below ground."
I can't believe a Nursery Manager believes 3 inches of roots is an acceptable amount of roots for a 1 gallon plant. Nature Hills blamed the weather for the fact that someone put a 3 inch plant in a 1 gallon container and shipped them to me. Clearly the plants showed no sign that they had been allowed any growing time. Nature Hills did not handle my complaint and I will NEVER order from them again, Home Depot and Lowes will continue to get my business, at least I get 1 gallon of roots when I buy a 1 gallon plant from them. Nature Hills should want to stride to exceed above any and all other nurseries, and they did not. DO NOT ORDER FROM NATURE HILLS.

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Absolutely do NOT buy from this company. They send dead and dying trees. We ordered a cherry and it died within two weeks of planting it. We have a small orchard, so this was not our first tree. This company did replace it, at a cost to me (half price and shipping) and the next tree died after 3 weeks. Then they refused to replace it or refund my money. I spent a combined total of $100 for two dead trees.

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Wow... I was going to order fall plantings from them... I'll look elsewhere.

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Do not buy from Nature Hills... ever!!! I'm not completely sure but I think they are affiliated with Spring Hill Nurseries as their websites are very similar and they are very close to each other. I spent two hundred dollars on bare root paw paws. What they mean by bare root is barely any root. All five trees were dead on arrival. No returns, no service, no nothing!!!! Let's call them what they really are: scoundrels.

Ok, Nature Hills, you want to sue me for libel? Let's go! I'm ready. Let's go! As an attorney, I would enjoy this very much. The truth will prevail.

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I made the biggest mistake of my life when I ordered from them. Stay far, far away unless you are willing to receive terrible customer service, risk plants arriving dead or dying shortly thereafter, a guarantee that almost guarantees you are going to pay for 1/2 price replacement cost and shipping for any plant loss, sticks as trees, having credit card charged the moment order is placed - yet wait months for delivery which prevents any credit card company from reversing the charge (time limitation of 60 days), them not cancelling the order when told to - and if they do, they can charge you full amount. READ their FINE PRINT before ordering. I've never been this upset with any business. KEEP YOUR MONEY and SANITY. My anger is no longer over my loss, but is rekindled when I read about others who have also been duped - it seems to go on and on and on. SOMEONE needs to stop THEM!!!

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