Shasta Daisy's

lily_lover(6)July 5, 2008

I hope I am in the right area...I am new here and have learned a lot in reading such great questions and replies.

My question is regarding dividing shasta daisy's. I have a bush that has doubled itself every year and is currently way too big.

When should I divide?

Is it safe to cut some of the stems back (they are about 3 ft tall now) after all of the flowers die?

Will it hurt the plant at all if I cut/damage the roots while dividing?

Thanks so much!


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You can cut these back if you don't want to save the seeds. You can also propagate these by dividing them in the fall. I've also rooted stem cuttings of these. Try cutting them back after they bloom and attempt rooting these cuttings. You'd be surprised sometimes this works and you get more plants. Don't worry about hurting the roots when you divide these in the fall. They will recover and take off growing come spring.

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