Pepper plant chopped down...can it still root?

wayoutman(7)July 8, 2008

I have a Hot Red Cherry Bomb pepper plant which survived two attacks from a black cutworm about 6 weeks ago. The pepper plant was starting to thrive again, but it did not withstand todays winds from a storm. I never got around to staking the plant yet because it was still short (probably from the chewed stem from the cutworm). Today when I got home and checked out the garden the plant was laying on its side. The plant stem snapped at the base where the cutworm damage had weakened it.

My question is...

*Would I be able to apply a rooting hormone onto the stem and try to rehabilitate the whole plant?

*Should I clip the plant, and try to start individual cuttings from there?

*Should I consider it a loss, and go out an buy a transplant before the summer is over...?

I am new at rooting, and learning a lot interesting strategies, so any suggestions will be very helpful.

Thank you...!

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Clip plant & start from there. BUT>>>>>> if you realy want peppers by fall go purchase another plant.

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